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April 10th, 2021— Due to popular demand, Dr. Patrick Flynn dedicated this past Saturday’s episode of A Different Perspective to another Q&A session.

This episode covers a variety of questions from our viewers. Read the rest of the article if you’d like to explore Dr. Patrick Flynn’s insightful knowledge that he’s eager to share.

1.My son’s girlfriend has been experiencing a bloated stomach every time she eats. It doesn’t matter what she eats. She tested negative for Celiac Disease, and was on antibiotics for two weeks… Which did nothing. Now, she’s waiting to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy in two weeks. Do you have any ideas on what could be causing this?

“Typically, when they’re looking for things, they’re looking for a major infection from the outside. Do you understand that most of your infections come from the normal bacteria inside of you?

When you don’t have proper digestion, you will bloat from everything you ingest. I would suggest researching hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid), which is actually very common. Your stomach acid sterilizes any substance you consume, and when it’s low there’s a chance that extra bacteria is entering your small intestine. This would be a common cause of chronic bloating.

If you don’t have an apple allergy, taking apple cider vinegar before each meal could help with this situation.”

2. Hello Dr. Flynn! I am a Nurse Practitioner and I’ve seen how you test the thyroid— it is so very extensive. In my 17-year career, I have never seen something with that much detail. Can you explain how you came up with this? And please tell my colleagues how important it is, because they are watching today.

“Doctors often tested your thyroid by testing TSH levels form your pituitary gland, which is in your brain. Therefore, what they assumed, is that if TSH is elevated it is telling your thyroid to produce more hormones.

Eventually, they began to test other hormones in your body to determine thyroid health, such as T4 and T3. Then, after more research, they began testing TSH, free T3, and free T4.

Now let’s wind it back to the year 1999. I came across an article that changed the way I viewed thyroid testing. The article is called “Sex hormone-binding globulin and thyroxine-binding globulin levels in premature thelarche”. If a woman’s estrogen levels are off, they are automatically going to throw the thyroid hormones off.

So, if you want to effectively test the thyroid, you must include the other gears that effect it. If you are suffering from thyroid problems, it is usually coming from some other gear. So, when I wrote the panel (thyroid testing panel), I thought of all the factors that would contribute to the thyroid being unstable.

Most medical professionals won’t understand the thyroid and its problems because they don’t think like I do. A lot of times, the complaint is about the thyroid so insurance companies will not cover the estrogen test. Medical professionals: Are you going keep your patients in your best interest, or let insurance companies dictate what you do?

3. I understand the 99% survival rate of COVID. However, my family, nurse, and speech therapist continuously say the long-term effects of having COVID (neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular) will be much worse than the potential negative effects of the vaccine. Therefore, they are opting for the vaccine and have already gotten it. What is your response to the lingering effects of having COVID? Is this something to be concerned about?

“Zinc deficiency contributes to the loss of taste and smell. If you are immune deficient or zinc deficient, and a viral or bacterial pathogen enters your body, you are going to be affected for a longer period of time.

Those lasting effects come from years of harming their immune systems. They were never instructed or taught by medical professionals on how to restore their immune health. It’s likely they didn’t even know they had a zinc deficiency.

If they have lingering effects, it shows how sick they are.

When you take care of yourself, and restore your immune system, you shouldn’t be afraid of being exposed to this particular virus. When you’re exposed, you’ll have symptoms like a fever and stuffy nose just as if we have any other virus. Then, you will build a proper immune response to COVID and keep it that way.

We don’t listen to today’s medical thinking because it’s the same medical thinking that caused everybody to get sick in the first place.”

4. Could constant miscarriages be connected to sugar intake, and maybe insulin resistance? How can sugar effect the balance between rising progesterone in a pregnancy and the estrogens?

“There is one thing we know specifically about miscarriages: There is usually some form of progesterone deficiency and the body can’t maintain the process which is why a body would get rid of a developing baby in the womb.

Progesterone converts into multiple hormones including cortisol and cortisone. So, if you have a high sugar diet, your body must use its adrenals (not just the pancreas and insulin) to produce cortisol to regulate your blood sugar. The presence of this extra cortisol drains your progesterone.

Can sugar intake be connected to constant miscarriages? Yes.

Is it the only thing that contributes to them? No.

Anything that stresses your bodies (including mental stress), will contribute to effecting your progesterone levels.”

5. I was recently told I have Osteoporosis. Can it be reversed? What would you recommend?

“The major contributor to bone loss would be: Estrogens, Vitamin D, and Calcium.

Restore your Estrogen and Vitamin D levels. You can obtain calcium from leafy greens and broccoli or find a calcium supplement.

Beware of calcium supplements that have calcium carbonate in their ingredients. It’s like chalk and isn’t very absorbable. Many people suffer from hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid), which means that you could have a harder time absorbing minerals.

Calcium lactate is highly absorbable, so I recommend supplements with that ingredient in them.”

6. I’m post-menopausal and haven’t had a period since January of 2019. I still experience hot flashes and night sweats from time to time. They seem to happen many times per day for a few days, and then disappear for a few days at a time. My hormones are within normal range, but I’ve heard hot flashes and night sweats can signal an issue with my liver. What are your thoughts?

“The first thing that pops into my head when I hear ‘hot flash’ is ‘adrenals’. When you go from cyclic to menopausal, there is a difference in the tissues that take over for hormone production. You do not need the same levels of estrogens (when you’re menopausal) that you would need when you’re cyclic. Estrogen levels drop, but they don’t go away.

One of the major hormonal organs that stops production is the ovaries because you don’t have the primordial follicles developing anymore. Therefore, your body begins to depend on other tissues such as the adrenals. Now, if your estrogen levels get too low your adrenals may try to compensate by releasing adrenaline.

This spike in adrenaline is where the hot flashes come from.”

7. How would you respond to Z Dogg, MD, that there are 12 crazy influencers that believe vaccines are bad and are leading people to believe they should not take them?

“If you go back in history, you can see how medicine has failed us time and time again. There are countless times when they believed they were right about something but turned out to be massively wrong. For example, DDT and OxyContin have had significant and detrimental consequences, but medicine first believed them to be beneficial.

I believe there should be an oppositional side to everything, or else it would be tyrannical.

In politics, if something is too far right then it’s tyrannical. If something is too far left, it’s communistic. The truth is in the middle.

When you get into camps and identify with only one party, you don’t think for yourself. We live in a country where all information should be available to everybody, and then you make your own choice.”

8. “As my son gets older should he switch to a different probiotic? He’s 14 and on the autism spectrum and has been taking probiotics since the age of 3.”

“Although there is a difference in demands of different floras as we get older, there is actually one food that no probiotic can compete with— Sauerkraut. Yes, our gut floras change as we age but sauerkraut is natural and healthy, which can consistently benefit our immune system no matter what age we are.

Go to the store and buy some try some organic sauerkraut and eat that on a weekly basis.”

9. When I work out (which is just basic core strengthening and some stretching) I get ill the next day with cold or flu symptoms. What testing or supplements do you recommend?

“You are very hyper-inflammatory and very hormone-deficient. When you put your body into a stressed state, which is expected during exercise, your recovery phase becomes very low. It sounds like progesterone, cortisol, and/or adrenal insufficiencies.

I would start with a DUTCH test with thyroid hormones.”

Find your nearest Wellness Way clinic to schedule a DUTCH test, here.

10. How long do you believe people are immune after they have had COVID?

“In order to understand this, you need a mental shift. After being exposed to COVID, you can have an immune response for the rest of your life.

As long as we keep our body responding to invaders, such as COVID, we can build off that and give our body what it needs. Supplementing Vitamin D, Zinc, Astragalus and its constituents, will help our body go through and heal from sicknesses without pharmaceutical intervention.

If our body is healthy and comes across an invader and suddenly demands our immune system’s support, it won’t have detrimental effects.

After we come into contact with COVID again and again our body produces CD4 cells, T Cells, and memory cells and replicates them. Feed your immune response with what it needs so that it can do its job.”

11. It seems like everyone is coming up with a study that is relating COVID to every disease on the planet from disease to mental problems. What are your thoughts when you see something like this?

“If you are weak, you can be affected by anything. If you are compromised and your immune system allows an invader to get into your tissue, it can affect any organ that has a receptor. It can throw your biochemistry off, it can add a stressor to your heart, it can make your toes turn blue… But what does that tell you about our current thinking in medicine and healthcare?

It’s flawed.

Over 90% of disease is lifestyle related. Yet, we depend on doctors and other medical professionals to keep us ‘healthy’. We are in control.

Take care of your body, and your organs will not have such severe reactions when you get sick.”

12. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after complaining of stomach pain, constant stomach pressure, and going through multiple colonoscopies. I was prescribed Stelara but have no relief. Could Crohn’s Disease be misdiagnosed?

“Well, it can. But I believe that diagnosis is probably correct. Remember, though, most prescribed medications’ roles are to respond to the response of a disease or condition… It doesn’t treat the condition.

At The Wellness Way, we would run a stool and food allergy test to see what your inflammation trigger would be. Therefore, instead of responding to the reaction, we can get to the root of the problem and figure out what’s causing the reaction in the first place.”

13. How can my brother in Alabama, who works on a U.S. Army base, refuse the COVID vaccine without losing his job?

“Get ahead of the game and be prepared to sue the government. I’ve been communicating with lawyers and HIPAA about the legalities regarding our COVID-19 vaccination status. Unfortunately, I have not been able to discuss options in terms of military personnel.

All I can say is that everyone should be ready ahead of time.”

14. My husband has borderline low cholesterol at 160. What are the top reasons why cholesterol can be low? How can you raise cholesterol in a healthy way?

“Your body makes 2,000-3,000 milligrams of cholesterol per day. When your body isn’t producing enough, it often signals that there was some form of infection or medication that inhibited it.

An infection or medication can damage your liver, and the healthiest food source that regenerates your liver function would be liver itself. A way to reduce a fatty liver condition would be to avoid sugar consumption.

I would also recommend some testing done on the liver itself, there might be a viral infection living in there.”

15. Is there a natural remedy for severe psoriatic arthritis other than immune suppressing injections?

“Let’s go back to the Crohn’s issue. It’s about finding your inflammatory triggers.

We are not about replacing pharmaceuticals with herbal remedies. This is about depleting the condition altogether.

A stool test and a food allergy test are where we would start. It’s time to start investigating.”

16. Have you had any luck in clearing up Type I Diabetes with someone who has had it for years?

“Everyone always thinks about disease and some type of management. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease. That means your immune system was stimulated and affected at one point, and you need to determine what your immune triggers are.

To rephrase the question: Have we had success with diabetics who had pumps, to the point where they didn’t need their pumps anymore? Yes. Have we had people manage their sugars while keeping their pumps? Yes.

Our job is not to deal with their pump. Our job is to find those immune triggers that cause their blood sugars to be so exaggerated. Eventually, most people needed their pump less than when they started with us.”

17. What should we do if I have an IgE to almonds, but my husband eats it? Is there a time frame we should stay away from each other?

“One time I had a woman come in who had seminal hyper-sensitivity. Her and her husband were not able to conceive a child because of this.

What I did was run a food allergy test on her and told her husband to avoid them because she was allergic to whatever proteins he had in his body. About three months later her allergic reactions decreased, and 6-7 months later she was able to conceive a child.

We are what we eat. If he eats an almond it goes into his amino acids. He could potentially cause you to have a severe reaction, especially if it’s IgE.

I wouldn’t take the chance with a loved one. I just don’t see the benefit of it.”

18. Why are doctors still recommending two COVID-19 shots for people who have already had COVID?

“Because they always change the goal posts. It makes no sense. They keep saying herd immunity will only be achieved through mass vaccination, which isn’t true.

We need to stand up and fight because evil prevails when good people do nothing. It’s time to start spreading the truth.”

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