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April 3rd, 2021— Due to popular demand, Dr. Patrick Flynn dedicated this past Saturday’s episode of A Different Perspective to a Q&A session.

This episode covers a variety of questions from our viewers. Read the rest of the article if you’d like to explore Dr. Patrick Flynn’s insightful knowledge that he’s eager to share.

1.What would be your #1 immune-building tip?

“I’m going to come at this with a little different perspective, today. People always want to know: What can I take? What can I do? Vitamin D (through the sun and/or oral supplements). However, my answer today is different. I need to be more direct.

Instead of looking up the #1 thing to build your immune responses, just stop destroying it. Stop doing things that destroy it. Consuming unhealthy food and participating in harmful habits are destructive to your immune system.”

2. How was the Christmas event?

“It was absolutely fantastic. It was just amazing. It was great freedom-loving people enjoying Santa, organic foods, and our fun games. We had hundreds of people come through from our community. Some people came who didn’t even understand what we stood for, but still celebrated our freedoms and choice.”

3. Dr. Flynn, I was at your Hormone Connection seminar in Osseo. It was amazing and it changed me and my husband’s life. He didn’t want to come at first, but after he did, he said that you are the one guy he will follow. How do we get more people to these events, and get them to understand what you are teaching?

“How do we do it? Face-to-face interactions and word-of-mouth. All it takes is for you to share something face-to-face.

I love technology, but I would never want to be a social media influencer. I want to sit down and have an authentic conversation with somebody while we share each other’s stories. It’s important to see somebody’s reaction and seeing how they change.

Your husband changed because of an in-person seminar, not because he saw something that was on social media. He sat there and he heard the message.”

4. What is the most important mineral?

“They’re all important, but I think the most important one is misunderstood. Salt.

Salt, to me, is one of the most important nutrients we need. Now, I know that most medical professionals tell you that salt is bad for you. But it’s not. Processed, iodized, and toxic salt is certainly bad for you. However, Himalayan salt and Celtic sea salt have profound benefits.”

5. Have any of your patients had COVID?

“Yes. You’ll notice that you never hear about those who have had COVID and have a full-blown immune response, the way that it’s supposed to happen. There’s a high survival rate for most of us in the world.

What’s more effective than a 99% survival rate? Exposure is how you get through any infection.”

6. What do you enjoy speaking about more? Hormones or the immune system?

“By far, hormones. Honestly, when you speak on the immune system, it’s not as fun. The majority of things I’m trying to educate people on, counteracts what they are initially taught.

Most medical professionals aren’t well-informed about the immune system and hormones. So, I try to relay messages and teachings in ways that people can understand. When it comes to the hormonal system, I can be a little more relaxed and bring humor to the conversation. However, when I talk about the immune system, it requires more drive and aggressiveness to fully get my point across.”

7. What is your best advice for somebody who is suffering from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)?

“Millions of women suffer. One of the major pathways that contribute to that formation is through sugar consumption. If a woman is suffering from PCOS, you need to cut out all sugar. This includes fruits and grains.

A good place to start is a variation of the Keto diet. I’m not a huge fan of Keto. However, if you take the Keto diet and add more greens, it’s a good place to start.

Sugar consumption can alter your hormones, which in turn causes the cysts to form. You should also have some tests and panels completed, which are all available through The Wellness Way, to determine which specific pathway is being disrupted.”

8. Why aren’t people talking about natural immunity?

“Remember, the best things to do for your immune response is:

1) Stop destroying it

2) Supplementing your deficiencies to restore your immune system (Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Astragalus, etc.)

Immunity is a false premise. People believe that coming into contact with a virus means that you’re immune to it forever. That’s not true. If you do things to destroy your body, it is never capable of producing the immune cells.

It’s more about taking care of the body. Once you do, after you’re exposed to a virus, your immune system is more likely to support you.

We need to stop being afraid of viruses and bacteria. You should only be afraid of them if you’re not taking care of yourself.”

9. What can we do to prevent the mandating of the proposed vaccine passport?

“It’s very simple. You fight. You call your legislators, file lawsuits, and do everything that you can. If you can’t afford a lawyer, rally people together and share the expenses. Or you could start a GoFundMe.

There’s a lot of good people that just need you to step up. If you’re a fighter, and you’re a leader, then you need to step up.”

10. Could you give a general description of how sugar competes with vitamins? How does it affect white blood cells?

“For COVID, there’s receptors on the cells it binds to. It’s like a lock and key. It happens the same way with vitamins/minerals. There is a keyhole they must bind to as a ‘key’. Certain sugars and certain vitamins compete for the same receptors.

One thing that allows our cells to generate quickly, and deal with oxidative stress, is Vitamin C. Sugar and Vitamin C have the same receptor. If sugar binds to a cell receptor, this means that the Vitamin C cannot ‘lock’ into it, and it just passes by.

When you are worried at certain times about infection, it’s important to get rid of all sugars in your diet.

If the Vitamin C doesn’t bind to cell receptors, it then causes oxidative stress. This prevents white blood cells from regenerating and causes them to die off faster. Then, your immune response will be slower.”

11. Can mRNA potentially cause cancer?

“In my opinion, if you look at what they’ve done with messenger DNA, it changes the cell. It causes your immune system to respond negatively to your cells and causes destruction. A lot of people’s immune systems are already deficient, and the mutated cells will begin to grow.

When they grow, they can’t contribute to the host because of the spike protein. Then, the organ will reject it. If your immune response isn’t strong enough to kill it off, the end result will be some form of cancer.”

12. Can low stomach acid cause ulcerative colitis?

“I don’t like that word ‘cause’. The Wellness Way’s principles are so different from everyone else’s. Other medical professionals go after the cause of symptoms.

There’s no such thing as a cause. I’ve never met a person who only has one contributing factor to why they were suffering. People always have multiple stressors that leads to developing a condition.”

13. How does a woman’s hormones change during menopause?

“Ladies, if you live long enough, menopause is a beautiful stage of life. The reason why I say beautiful is because most women fear it. Your hormones move from a cyclic real to a non-cyclic realm. It is easier to make a woman healthier when they’re in menopause than when they’re cycling.

Menopause is just a different hormonal phase. The hormones needed during menopause are released by organs that might be fatigued. This may prevent the production of the necessary hormones, which causes your body to constantly be in a ‘fight or flight’ mode.”

14. I’m curious about your opinion on the media reports of heart damage when you get COVID?

“That’s a great question. When you look at the receptors for COVID, there are minimal receptors on the heart. The majority of them are mucous membranes.

If I were to smash your toe, would it cause your blood pressure to rise? Of course, it would. It stresses the heart and every other organ.

So, therefore anything that goes into your body that causes inflammation, will affect the whole body. The organ that takes the most damage from inflammation, is the heart.

If you put more stress on your body, it especially stresses the heart.”

15. Can we get people from your clinics to come talk at school board meetings? We need the board members to hear what other health professionals are saying because they are not listening to us.

“They’re not listening because they don’t want to listen. You must get good people on your boards. Vote these people out, and make sure that viable candidates are being chosen during elections.”

16. Would you consider a seminar in Canada?

“I will go anywhere to talk. Obviously, it will depend on their sort of rules and restrictions, but I’d come to Canada given the opportunity. I want to share a great message with anyone willing to listen.”

17. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. I was told the only way to keep it “away” is to take tamoxifen. It’s supposed to control my hormones. What are your thoughts?

“It’s standard procedure for anyone who has breast cancer. It’s an aromatase inhibitor, which means that it manipulates your body to keep your estrogens lower.

It’s ridiculous because those estrogens are used for your brain, for every cell in your body, and maintains your physical and mental health. This medicine has the potential to destroy you.

When you look at estrogen metabolism, you’re going to find out that they cannot convert your estrogens. So, they re-circulate the estrogens’ job.”

18. What is your opinion on plastic surgery and implants?

“I’ve seen breast implants which are healthy, and breast implants that get infected. I’ve seen dental surgeries that were a success and ones that were detrimental.

My clinical experience with it, is that I’ve seen both sides. I’ve seen women with breast implants who had no immune response to the procedure, and I’ve seen women who have gotten their implants removed after the presence of mold and infection.

Nobody can tell you how your body will react until you actually get it. I’m going to caution people about getting the surgery done. I can only tell people about my experience while working with infections from the procedure.”

19. Are vaccinated people a risk to unvaccinated people?

“It depends on the shot. For example, from an immunological aspect, the Pfizer and Moderna shots should not be shedding because there are no viral particles in the vaccine. However, the Johnson & Johnson has components that would cause the virus to shed.”

20. If the mother has neurological issues running in her family, can her children take preventative measures?

“Absolutely. Your brain is not genetically programmed for bad stuff. You could be nutrient-deficient, and/or you could have been raised in a stressful household which led it down that path.

You need to understand that we are genetically programmed for ‘normal’. Your body changes depending on its environment. So, if your environment is toxic (emotionally and health wise), it will mess with your immunology.

Therefore, you need to do what’s necessary to restore your health back to a balanced nature.”

21. Do you think the vaccine compromises the immune system?

“Yes. I’m very scared because nobody knows what is going to happen. There are predictions from both sides. Either everyone is going to be awesome, or everyone is going to die from it.

I’m in the middle. I don’t care what side you’re on, I’m going to do everything to build my immune response, regardless. I am responsible for me.”

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