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If you’re new to our healthy lifestyle and visiting our website, one of the most common first stops is our healthy recipes section. We have lots of great recipes and one of the first things people notice is the different ingredients we use, including duck eggs. So then people start to ask questions if they aren’t familiar with duck eggs. What’s the difference between a duck egg and a chicken egg? Or are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? So, the big difference is one comes from a chicken and the other a duck, but there are other differences too. Because of these differences, duck eggs are better than chicken eggs for some people.

More people eat chicken eggs because they are mass produced and can be much cheaper than duck eggs. Unfortunately, cheaper doesn’t mean better as we too often find out. I most often recommend them because they are a healthy option, but we will talk about taste too.


Can I Eat Duck Eggs if I’m Allergic to Chicken Eggs?

Yes, unless you are allergic to duck eggs. Because these two eggs come from different birds, they have different proteins and the protein is what causes the allergic reaction. Many people who are allergic to chicken eggs can have duck eggs but not all. Exercise caution as you introduce this food into your diet if you have never had it before and consult with your health care practitioner if you have an IgE allergy. Chicken eggs are a common allergen that many people have to avoid. That’s why we make it easy and swap duck eggs for chicken eggs in many of our recipes. Eggs are the second most common IgE allergy among infants and children and one of the most common ones we see on IgG allergy tests. Did you know that they grow some vaccines in eggs? Many people are allergic to eggs and get these common vaccines. But that’s a whole other story.

Because of how common egg allergies are, many people look for egg replacers. If you are allergic to the protein of the chicken egg but not the protein of the duck egg, then you can enjoy duck eggs! In fact, duck eggs are often an easy swap because they taste so similar. Many people don’t notice the difference or say it tastes even eggier. Is that a thing? I guess so!

Duck Eggs and Nutrition

Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs, so of course they have more protein and nutrients. Nutrient profiles can vary by size of egg and the diet of the bird. If you compare ounce for ounce on average the duck egg is still higher in protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron.

Duck eggs have larger yolks which means they are also higher in fats like omega-3 fatty acids and cholesterol. That’s a good thing. Healthy fats are so important for building a health body and a healthy brain. You also don’t want to get caught up in the idea that cholesterol is bad for you. That’s the cholesterol myth! Your body makes cholesterol to help you heal and it actually makes the majority of the cholesterol in your body. A small percentage of your cholesterol comes from your diet. If you want to learn more check out our article on cholesterol and eggs.

Are Duck Eggs Better Tasting?

They taste more like chicken eggs than any of the other egg replacements. While they taste very similar to chicken eggs, there are many who will say duck eggs taste better. They are creamier and fluffier when cooking. Many bakers like them too. Because of the bigger yolks and the fact that they contain less water, there are some differences. Some won’t notice if you don’t tell them. They will just think their eggs are even better.

It is important to remember that whether you are buying an organic chicken egg or an organic duck egg, the diet of the bird matters. It can affect the taste of the egg and the nutrient value of the egg. While it might be tempting to buy a cheaper egg, buy them from a reputable farmer to ensure you are getting the healthiest bang for your buck.

Duck Eggs and a Healthy Lifestyle

For many of us, duck eggs are better. That includes me. I’m allergic to chicken eggs so those aren’t healthy for my body. Hidden allergies can cause inflammation and lead to a variety of symptoms that can be destroying your health. If you are allergic, it’s important to avoid them. If you don’t know if you’re allergic, get your allergies tested! Duck eggs make it easy to avoid chicken eggs. They are a nutritious and tasty swap.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn