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Research-Backed and Health Restorative Articles

From rock solid research to lifestyle and supporting tips, our articles are packed with the resources you need to make the best health supporting decisions for your family.

Immune Support

Supporting your immune system is crucial whether it’s from the common cold or cancer, allergies or autoimmune conditions.

Digestive Support

The digestive system is critical to providing the proper fuel to the body. When gassy tummies or life-affecting disruptions and diagnosis interrupt proper digestion, the whole body is affected.

Sleep, Energy, and Fatigue Support

The body needs rest to heal and restore. Sometimes the most simple function of resting can be disrupted interrupting healing and restoration.

Hormone Support

Hormones are the chemical messengers that keep the body functioning properly. Beyond estrogens and testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, adrenal, and many other hormones are crucial to restoring health.

Cardiovascular Support

Heart disease and stroke top the list for causes of death, even after more than 35 years of statin drugs. Supporting your cardiovascular system properly impacts quality of life and reduces your risk of both the top causes of death as well as a lifelong prescription.

Neurological and Emotional Support

Brain fog, neurodegenerative issues, ADHD, anxiety, or other conditions associated with neurotransmitter interruption requires a unique understanding of possible contributing factors.

Detoxification Support

Supporting health in today’s world requires proper support of the body’s detoxification systems.


As your largest organ and the one barrier between you and the outside world, your skin requires special attention. Your skin also provides insight to what is happening on the inside through signals like rosacea, eczema and acne.

Chronic and Acute Pain Support

Pain is an undeniable signal the body needs additional support. Muscle and joint pain, migraines and headaches, inflammation and injuries are messages that require special attention.

Infants, Children, and Teens

Raising healthy kids from birth into adulthood is an intentional process. From lifestyle to health concerns, we offer insights for the journey.

Food and Nutritional Support

Food is fuel! Proper nutrition supports proper function. When there are gaps, proper supplementation can help.

Lifestyle Tips

Sometimes we all need a little insight on how to live this healthy lifestyle with some fresh perspective!

Doc’s Thoughts and Wellness Way Insights

Discover how Doc and The Wellness Way think about topics from current events, health and personal freedoms, and even a bit of personal development.

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