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Research-Backed and Health Restorative Articles

From rock solid research to lifestyle and supporting tips, our articles are packed with the resources you need to make the best health supporting decisions for your family.


Farmer examining soybean crop in field, ready to harvest.

5 Reasons to Skip Soy and Consider Other Plant-Based Proteins

The soy debate has been going on for years and the arguments keep coming back…
June 21, 2024
Maca root powder

Get Your Maca On: 5 Reasons to Love this Superfood

Maca (Lepidium meyenii or Lepidium peruvianum) is a radish-like superfood accustomed to adversity and ready…
June 18, 2024
Bean stew in a metal pan and tomatoes with hot chili peppers on a wooden table

Plant-Based Protein and Lectins: Should You Be Concerned?

When considering adding plant-based proteins like beans, quinoa, and chia seeds to your diet, you…
June 7, 2024
Kind and healthy people volunteer to be kind and donate food and water to people in need.

Kindness Kickback: 5 Healthy Benefits of Kindness

For the past few years, the world has endured periods of fear, illness, political mudslinging,…
June 7, 2024
Man meditating and taking focused breaths outdoors to manage his stress in a healthy way.

Stress Fix: 9 Ways to Manage Stress

At some point or another, everyone will eventually experience some form of stress. It manifests…
June 5, 2024
Pills on yellow background with chemical formula vitamin D3.

What’s D Got to Do With It?

When sick people walk into our clinics across the U.S., they tend to have one…
June 4, 2024
brunette woman in sweater covering her ears

As Number of People With Tinnitus Grows, Studies Suggest These Alternative Therapies May Help

Reports of tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears,” are on the rise with 25 million…
June 3, 2024
Woman is a night owl who can't sleep and is on her phone late at night

Time to Put the Night Owl to Bed: 7 Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

It’s time to consider putting the night owl to bed and taking steps toward becoming…
May 31, 2024
woman with sunburn in white tank top -- adding sunscreen

Got Burned? Soothe Your Sunburn with 8 Natural Tips

The importance of getting out in the sun to soak up the rays goes far…
May 30, 2024
Young beautiful woman is reading a book and enjoy in her free time.

Smart Tips for a Healthy Brain

Do you find yourself forgetting where you parked your car or joking about walking into a room and forgetting…
May 28, 2024
Camu Camu fruit on a branch

We Camu – Do you?

We're obsessed a superfood called camu camu. This large berry, grown on a shrub native…
May 23, 2024
Woman standing on small vibe plate

Do You Vibe? Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Shaking things up can be good, especially when it comes to whole-body vibration. You will…
May 21, 2024
Tired man sleeping on the couch while there's a mess around the house; seems lazy, sluggish, and unmotivated

Does He Seem More Sluggish Than Usual? It Might Not Be Laziness: It Could Be Low-T

If a man seems to be a little more sluggish than usual and not as…
May 14, 2024
pill medicine near medicla bottle for prescription concept

Pfizer Agrees to Settle More Than 10,000 Cancer Lawsuits Over Popular Antacid Zantac

Pfizer has agreed to settle more than 10,00 lawsuits alleging it concealed the risk of cancer…
May 13, 2024
Chicken farm, chicken eggs and chickens in cages. Chicken farm.

U.S. Health Agencies Tap H5N1 Bird Flu As Next Potential Pandemic

The government is preparing for the H5N1 bird flu to turn into a “full-blown pandemic”…
May 13, 2024


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