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Bacopa (Bacopa Monnieri) is a perennial native to Australia and India commonly found as a weed in rice fields. It is used for many conditions but is best known for enhancing memory and improving cognitive function.

Current research shows that Bacopa increases cerebral blood flow, acts as an antioxidant, inhibits the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (allowing the brain to keep higher levels of acetylcholine longer), reduces Beta-amyloid formations, and performs many other beneficial functions.

Bacopa with info

The primary phytochemicals in Bacopa that give it many of its benefits are triterpenoid saponins called bacosides. These are a type of nootropic (brain-enhancing) phytochemicals.

The constituents found in Bacopa may:

As always, be sure to consult your Wellness Way practitioner before using this herb. Herbs, like medications, can have side effects if not used properly. Make sure that Bacopa is what your body needs before purchasing and using it. If you want to find out what your body needs, we are here to help. The first thing is to get tested!

It’s hard to find good, quality supplements out there. We work hard to make sure ours are clean, organic, potent, and third-party tested so you get the best product on the market. To find our favorites, visit The Wellness Way store. Bottle of Bacopa

Remember, the Swiss watch of the body’s systems is a delicate balance! For more information, to test your systemic functions, and to discover possible triggers, contact a Wellness Way clinic. We can help you understand how your body is functioning and the best ways to support it!

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