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I Still Disagree

For people who have done everything else, tried everything else, and refuse to give up, innately knowing there is another way.

Everybody has a story—it’s a unifying factor that we can all relate to and learn from. When it comes to health, that story can be tragic or transformational (and sometimes both.)

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Praise for I Still Disagree

Craig PettyVerified Buyer

Opens the mind. Can read while working out, doing mall walking or preparing your spouse a nice dinner. Well, maybe not that last part, read the book first and then do that. They'll appreciate it like I appreciate all the information Dr. Patrick Flynn gives us. Whether in this book, his podcasts or weekly videos, expand your mind and give this a read!

Tami HazaertVerified Buyer

This book presents a straightforward take on health, urging readers to rethink common health beliefs. Through personal stories and practical tips, he encourages readers to consider alternative approaches to wellness. This book offers valuable insights for those seeking a fresh perspective on health. It was such a great read and worth the investment in your health journey!

Cynthia SchoeppeyVerified Buyer

This book is easy to read… in fact it’s difficult to put down! I kept a highlighter handy because it lays out some great but simple lifestyle changes that I want to incorporate in my life! The stories are fascinating and I can relate to them! I want all my loved friends and family to read this book! It’s life altering!

RyanVerified Buyer

“Common does not mean normal”
That is one sentence that will stick with me.
This book has all the content that you will need to start taking control of your health. It is a must read!! You won’t want to put the book down! (I didn’t)

Miranda LeeVerified Buyer

Hands down, the best book for health & relationships! The information taught in this book should be in every household, church, and school! I’ve read his first book, now this book, and attended several of Dr. Patrick’s seminars. My life changed because of Dr. Patrick! Ladies, make sure to not only read this book but also attend his seminar and bring your man!

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