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I’m obsessed with this new superfood, camu camu. It’s a large berry grown on a shrub that’s native to the Amazon region. This fruit is full of nutritional compounds such as essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. (1) I’ll be honest I didn’t get into superfoods right away. I was more focused on the benefits of herbs and supplements. The more I learn about superfoods the more I get OBSESSED with them. Especially, camu camu because it has all these amazing benefits and packs a vitamin C punch.

Camu camu is most famous for being highest concentration of vitamin C ever. That’s highest vitamin C food in the world. I know you think of your citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruits, when you think vitamin C so this will surprise you. In just a teaspoon, camu camu has 50 times more vitamin C than an orange and 200 times more vitamin C than a banana. So, this is some major vitamin C.

Synthetic vitamin C doesn’t have anything on natural vitamin C sources like camu camu. Synthetic vitamin C often comes from GMO corn. Yuck! A study gave one group of smokers camu camu and another group a vitamin C tablet with equivalent synthetic vitamin C. The study found the group who received camu camu had less oxidative stress and inflammation than the group just given vitamin C tablets. (2) Try camu camu instead for a natural vitamin C boost.

So, what does vitamin C do for you? It has so many benefits.

Vitamin C and Camu Camu BenefitsCamu Camu Juice

Boosts Immunity – Vitamin C stimulates the white blood cell production which increases the immune system. That’s why a lot of people take vitamin c during cold and flu season. You want to grab camu camu instead.

Amazing Antioxidant- Oxidative stress can cause many diseases from cancer to heart disease. Another great thing vitamin C do is reduce free radicals and oxidative stress. Camu camu has several flavonoids that also work as antioxidants in the body.

Protects Your Brain- This is also known to help reduce the plaque build-up in your cognitive pathways. There is some really good research that having healthy vitamin C  levels can prevent cognitive decline. (3) Camu camu can actually prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia by keeping those pathways smooth and preventing plaque build-up in the brain.

Ups Collagen Production- It’s a key component in collagen production, so it’s going to help repair damaged cells, tissues and organs. More collagen along with the antioxidant components of camu camu helps make your skin age better too. Who doesn’t like a superfood that helps with wrinkles and lines?

Very Anti-inflammatory- Inflammation is at the root of many illnesses. You want to find the cause of the inflammation and check your food allergies to effectively reduceit. While you do that this superfood can help.  Vitamin C is very anti-inflammatory which makes camu camu a very good addition to a diet/

Mellow Your Mood- Vitamin C helps your body make serotonin which can help enhance your mood. Camu Camu with all of its vitamins, including vitamin C, has a relaxing effect on the body.

Pump the iron- Your body needs vitamin C to absorb iron. If you are low in iron, make sure you are getting enough vitamin C to help absorb the iron in your foods!

Other Benefits of Camu Camu

Camu camu is also has beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and amino acids like serine, valine and leucine. The bio-active components make this an effective form of natural vitamin C and gives you so many amazing benefits I can’t talk about them all. Camu camu could delay or prevent many diseases including ones caused by obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer. (4)

The list goes on. The amino acids and nutrients help you build muscle and boost your metabolism. Camu camu can support fertility by lengthening the luteal phase after ovulation. The more time you have to get pregnant the higher the chances! Camu camu is antiviral and antibacterial. It even offers support for the adrenal glands, protects the liver and has antidiabetic effects. Superfoods like camu camu have so many benefits. What’s not to love?

I Camu, Do You?

Over all this superfood is amazing. If you’re not already obsessed with camu camu, like I am, you should pick some up. Get organic. You always want to get an organic superfood. You don’t want to get a superfood and put a bunch of pesticides on it. That’s kind of ridiculous, right?  The powder is easier to get than fresh fruit. We like the Sunfood Raw Camu Camu Powder that you can find in our clinics or online at retailers.

The flavor is tart and tangy so it’s good to mix with something sweet. You can throw it in your smoothies like one of our recipes. A great way you can add something fun that is really going to benefit you. Superfoods are awesome and camu camu is one of my favorites.

Written by Nicole Saleske, RN, Hormone and Fertility Expert




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