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Clinician Training

We Think Differently

Not just another chiropractic training program, The Wellness Way is revolutionizing the way we approach health. Using a unique methodology based firmly in the three T’s of chiropractic, we are able to restore hope, and change lives of both patients and practitioners alike! Practitioners across the country are getting excited about practice again. Register for the webinar below and see what the excitement is about!

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The Wellness Way Clinics

The model we have established is not only easy to implement, but comes with a robust training and support system found nowhere else in chiropractic. As a practitioner in the program, you will quickly learn what we mean when we say we have an Us, We, Our Culture.

clinician training

Clinical Application

Clinical application is the difference. Wellness Way Practitioners are trained to apply innovative testing techniques and procedures to provide patients the insight and means to attain REAL health.

Sustainable Approach

We think differently, respect the bio individuality of each patient, and get clinical results like no other approach does. Clinical results bring financial stability and a sustainable approach to practice.


Clinics and practitioners are supported by corporate staff as well as each other. Our network is tight knit, with numerous tools in place to ensure each location has the tools, communication, and support for success.

Since becoming A Wellness Way practitioner I’ve been able to feel part of a team again. For me practicing alone is what I wanted but what I needed was practitioners to learn and grow from. Clinical results with our patients fuels the why I grind it out every day to provide the best approach to health and well being. When you can sit across from a patient and tell them with confidence let’s end the guessing game and let’s put our heads down and dig for the root cause..they are in awe of someone who cares. I love being part of The Wellness Way and I love providing this type of 3 T care to my patients and community.

Dr. Steffanie Nemitz KohnNemitz Family Chiropractic – A Wellness Way Affiliate

When I first heard of the Wellness Way practitioner program, I was instantly drawn to the idea of taking chiropractic principles, and applying them to every aspect of life. It is only through the wellness way program that I have been able to get my health and life back. It is THE VERY BEST way to clinically treat patients, and the training and coaching aspects of the program are unlike anything else. Being in the wellness way family means you always have someone who has your back.

It’s been the very best decision for my family, my practice, my personal health, and the health of my patients.

Dr. Amber GreerRejuvant Chiropractic – A Wellness Way Affiliate

I have so grateful for the Wellness Way. I have been practicing for over 22 years but have never had the confidence with a patient that I have gained through the Wellness Way. I knew coming out of school that I could not justify a pop and pray or rack and crack adjustment. There is so much more that we offer. The Wellness Way has put the way I have always thought about the body into a practical application that the patient understands and the results are what I have always expected through Chiropractic. If you think about the 3 T’s (Trauma, Toxins, and Thoughts)That BJ Palmer thought then The Wellness Way is the right place for you. The heart to help people regain their health is what The Wellness Way is all about, and we get paid for helping them.

Chad HyattHyatt Holistic Health – A Wellness Way Affiliate


We never stop providing training. Whether it’s our online university, coaching calls, weekly doctor trainings, quarterly online events, or our annual on-location seminar, the learning never stops. Topics include physiology and testing, but also business, leadership and personal development. Everything to set you up for practice success!

Personal Coach

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. You’ll be set up to work closely with your personal coach, who can guide you through your Wellness Way launch, and set you up for success for years to come.

Weekly Clinical Discussions

Our doctors join together weekly on interactive, live calls to discuss everything from specialized cases to the clinical use of herbs… and maybe even the last golf shot they shanked!

Bi-Weekly Growth Training

Your practice is important, but YOU are even more important. We want you to succeed in all areas of your life, and believe the only limit to your practice growth, is your personal growth.

Office Implementation

Come to us or we’ll come to you! When you first start with The Wellness Way, your personal support rep will be there to train you and your staff on the best way to integrate our procedures into your practice.

Training Platform

Our easy-to-navigate online training platform is always at the ready to provide in-depth systems training, printed office materials, and recordings of all the weekly trainings.

Quarterly Trainings

Don’t forget our big quarterly trainings!

Us, We, Our Culture

Ever feel like you’re on an island? Not here! Our nation-wide network is closely connected online, and in constant communication with each other. Want some perspective on a case? We’re here. Want some input on a business event? We’re here. Want a team that works hard, plays hard, and feels like home? Our Us We Our Culture is for you!

clinician training
chiropractic marketing


We have a team constantly building the national brand, and you get to leverage that visibility! As an affiliate, you get access to use our name, marketing materials, and presence to get people in your door. We are contacted daily by people looking for a Wellness Way Clinic in their area—let us send them to you!


In addition to the events we host for members of Wellness Way clinics, we know you AND your community benefit from events you host. We have everything you need to make it happen. From flyers, banners, and other marketing materials to actual presentation slides, it’s all available for you to use within our online university.

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chiropractic physician


We are in an era when social media consumption exceeds all other media consumption combined! Whether you’re well-versed in social media, or it’s a completely foreign language to you, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we consistently produce content you can share as your own, we have multiple media programs and an entire media team to help keep you up to date on harnessing this incredible publicity tool!

Custom Manufactured Herbs & Supplements

Liquid herbs and encapsulated supplements can be a powerful means to support a course of care with patients; however, the quality of the product is crucial to its efficacy. We custom manufacture our own products, using exacting standards and methods. These items are available exclusively through Wellness Way providers.


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