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Medicine’s Biggest Scapegoat

The impact cholesterol has on one’s body far exceeds what most health care professionals are telling you… for instance, LDL isn’t even a cholesterol! Hear about this and other astonishing facts that will force you to take another look at one of the greatest medical myths in modern medicine.

Are you sick of being tired and tired of being sick?

High cholesterol is a common health topic today and is usually seen as something we need to reduce. But the end goal shouldn’t be to simply lower cholesterol. In fact, doing so can make you sick!

As stated by the American Heart Association, the body creates and uses cholesterol to keep us healthy. We need it to build cells and to make vitamins and hormones.

Modern medicine’s approach, however, is to reduce cholesterol at all costs, using:

  • Basic lipid testing
  • Statin drugs
  • PCSK9 Inhibitors
  • Cholestyramine

These methods hurt more than they help! Statin drugs, for example, get in the way of normal liver function. This includes its CoQ10 production, a necessary and vital antioxidant in heart health.


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