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250 East Berkshire Drive
Shipshewana, IN 46565

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About The Wellness Way in Shipshewana, Indiana

We understand that common is not normal, and unlike the restrictive healthcare mentality, we dig deeper to find answers to life-restricting health challenges.

We focus on overcoming the three main causes of interference in the body — trauma, toxins, and thoughts — to go beyond symptom-based care and address your unique physiology in a way that allows your mind and body to find an individualized path back to better health.

We don’t guess, we test; rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we utilize the most in-depth testing and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to uncover the hidden sources of health problems.

We provide the essential guidance to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles through a combination of testing, individual plans, and one-on-one guidance to restore your body to total wellness.

Meet Our Team

Andrew Coblentz, TWW Health Restoration Coach

Location: Shipshewana

The Wellness Way – Shipshewana

Andrew has over 8 years of hands-on experience, working in the natural health field under the direct mentorship of several other Doctors of Natural Medicine. During this time he completed his degree in Bachelor of Natural Health Studies. He also became certified in live cell analysis, and did health consultations on a daily basis. He taught under well known doctors and practitioners such as Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Calvin Streeter DO, John Keim, William Christner ND, and others.

From an early age, Andrew questioned how the body functions, why the body gets sick, and wondered what could be done to prevent disease. He was not satisfied with the mediocre idea that sickness and disease were simply a matter of time in coming and there was nothing that could be done to prevent it. It only made sense that the health of the body could be maintained just like a car or any other equipment. Surely one didn’t have to wait until he was faced with heart surgery or chemo/radiation to start thinking about maintaining health! He found that detoxifying and alkalizing the body were priorities in keeping the body well and alive.

Andrew’s interest in the study of the human body may have been born in part through his own intestinal problems as a young boy. Or perhaps from watching friends and relatives dying prematurely from the diseases of today’s society. Struggling with what seems to have been gluten and lactose intolerance, Andrew suffered a lot of gut pain. After several years of engaging natural medicine, raw foods, and fasting in his early 20’s, those issues greatly improved.

In a culture where home remedies are the norm in every household, there was never a shortage of old remedies, concoctions, etc. The hottest one Andrew ever made was a combination of fresh ground habanero peppers, garlic, horseradish, ginger root, and onions in a base of apple cider vinegar. It was called Flu Buster. A shot of that either cured you or killed you.

Andrew Coblentz, TWW Health Restoration Coach

The Wellness Way - Shipshewana 250 East Berkshire Drive Shipshewana,...

Naomi Troyer, TWW Health Restoration Coach

Location: Shipshewana

The Wellness Way – Shipshewana

Hey, I’m Naomi,  I’m new to the team! I am a recent grad from the academy. I love learning and helping people heal!

I have been in the business of health for almost 10 years. I am a certified functional nutrition coach, personal trainer and now a holistic health restoration coach. It brings me great joy to watch individuals find their ‘grit’ in their healing journey. Training the body as a whole, not just the physical, has been a passion of mine for a long time. We are given one body in this life and it’s a good body! What we do with that is up to us. I believe the Lord has called us to a deeper place of treating our bodies like royalty. Finding the root cause of pain, inflammation, trauma and imbalances is going to that deeper place. My personal journey has been all about that. Digging deep and doing the hard things is what heals us. It’s not always pleasant or enjoyable and that’s when you want a great team of people to cheer you on.

I have been happily married for 23 years to James, he is truly the adventure to my soul. We have two amazing sons, Tyler(24) and Brian(22). In my free time I love spending time with family and friends, hiking, beach time or skiing. Quiet mornings and Jesus are a beautiful rhythm to my soul. I love coffee and dark cacao. My favorite TWW supplement is Kava.

Naomi Troyer, TWW Health Restoration Coach

The Wellness Way - Shipshewana 250 East Berkshire Drive Shipshewana,...

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