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Unlike traditional care options that only manage conditions, The Wellness Way provides a one-of-a-kind approach to help restore your body’s innate ability to heal. With more than 80 health restoration clinics across the country, we’ve already helped over 300,000 people overcome debilitating health issues such as:

  •  Allergies
  • Autoimmune
  • Digestive Issues
  • Fatigue
  • Heart Disease
  •  Hormone Imbalances
  • Joint/Muscle Pain
  • Thyroid
  • Weight Loss
  • Other
Do Health Differently

Uncover a New Definition of Health

You’re not alone on your journey to overcoming health challenges. The answers to a better future are inside of you and The Wellness Way can help you reveal them. Connect with us for a complimentary discovery session and find answers to your health challenges now!

You Can Take Back Your Health

Our philosophy is founded on the idea that the human body was not designed for illness, and with the proper guidance and care you can find your way back to the health and life you deserve.

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In depth consult where we listen to your personal story

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Step 2

Proven and powerful TWW testing, diagnostics, and analysis

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Step 3

Create a customized Health Restoration Plan

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Step 4

Partner with a clinician who will guide you to taking back control of your health

Real Success Stories

You Can Live the Life You Want

Our patients are the reason we do what we do. We understand the struggle. We are here for the fight. And we stop at nothing to get each and every patient back to their best health.

Do Health Differently

Chronic conditions are at an all time high. Despite medical advancements, as a country we are sicker than ever. The Wellness Way is network of Health Restoration Clinics that thinks and acts differently to solve the health challenges others can’t. If you are struggling with your health, we are the change you need.

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Meet the Founder

As a young child, Patrick Flynn had a hard time learning and focusing. This defined his purpose and initiated his pursuit of education where he uncovered a connection between his neurological issues and his immune issues. Today, Dr. Flynn is the founder of a totally different approach to health care – The Wellness Way. After 21 years, he has trained thousands of doctors across the world, creating a network of over 70 clinics comprised of highly-experienced professionals who are constantly training and researching new ways to perfect the methods of restorative care.


Our Growing Network of Health Restoration Clinics

Our network of doctors and practitioners are thinking and acting differently to deliver life-changing care you need. Most people don’t know why their body isn’t acting the way they want it to. At The Wellness Way, we’re dedicated to finding the answers. And with clinics located throughout the country— and convenient virtual care options – it’s never been easier to start your journey back to better health.

Find Answers

Take Back Your Health

The Wellness Way is a health champion for all and a community for change that is committed to disrupting the standard approach to care so that every person can achieve the life and health they deserve.

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