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The Wellness Way – Fond du Lac / Dynamic Chiropractic

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952 S. Park Ave
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

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8:00am - 6:00pm
9:00am - 4:00pm
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How To Connect With Us

We are excited to connect with you. If you want to learn more about who we are, we encourage you to attend one of our events and meet us in person.

About The Wellness Way in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

We understand that common is not normal, and unlike the restrictive healthcare mentality, we dig deeper to find answers to life-restricting health challenges.

We focus on overcoming the three main causes of interference in the body — trauma, toxins, and thoughts — to go beyond symptom-based care and address your unique physiology in a way that allows your mind and body to find an individualized path back to better health.

We don’t guess, we test; rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we utilize the most in-depth testing and cutting-edge diagnostic tools to uncover the hidden sources of health problems.

We provide the essential guidance to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles through a combination of testing, individual plans, and one-on-one guidance to restore your body to total wellness.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jeremy Schingen, DC

Location: Fond Du Lac

The Wellness Way – Fond du Lac


Dr. Schingen graduated in 2015 from National University of Health Sciences with a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He spent his first 2 years of practice in St. Paul MN gaining valuable clinical experience and expanding his knowledge on patient management and education. Wanting to return to his home town, in 2016 he departed from his practice in St. Paul with a passion and drive to optimize the health of families in the Fond du Lac area. Dr. Schingen has a strong belief that when the structural, nutritional, and emotional stresses are corrected then, high levels of health can be attained. He is dedicated to helping people understand their role in healthcare and helping them achieve long lasting health.

He holds additional training in Advanced Blood Analysis through Apex Energetics, certified in Applied Kinesiology completing the 100-hour basic course in April 2015, and Nutrition Response Testing.


Dr. Schingen resides in the Fond du Lac area with his wife, Katie and two children. When not spending time with his family or helping coach his sons sports teams Dr. Schingen enjoys cross training, playing softball, hiking, and the outdoors. I look forward in helping you, and the community, attain a higher level of health!”” Dr. Jeremy Schingen

Dr. Jeremy Schingen, DC

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About Our Events

What is your definition of health? At The Wellness Way, we recognize that most people have been conditioned to believe how modern-day healthcare practices are the experts of restoration and preventative medicine. However, our perception of the way the body functions differs from what is traditionally taught. Therefore, we conduct regular informational events to communicate how we view various systems in the human body. Our take on subjects such as hormones, inflammation, autoimmunity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, thyroid health, etc., strays away from “traditional” aspects. We value our patients’ ability to engage with their healthcare journey, which is why we hope by attending these events they achieve accountability and can take charge of their own bodies for a healthier future.

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