Cancer By Itself Can Be Overwhelming

Nobody wants to hear the “C” word. Fear grips most people with the thought of it. Because of this, chemo, radiation and surgery aren’t even debated. But in the event somebody doesn’t want to do conventional treatment, how does one know what they should or should not do? Cancer takes a lifetime to develop and you don’t just stumble upon it. For this reason, prevention truly is the key. Understanding the immune response and knowing the why behind the cancer is the start to our approach. Don’t let genetics be the excuse. There is always a reason.

Understanding Cancer

Cancer is unfortunately on its way to overtaking heart disease as the #1 killer in the US. Without an understanding of cancer prior to hearing a diagnosis, decision making can become reactionary and solely based on fear. The reality that cancer is so common should not come as a surprise, but it does require a diligent mindset and approach, whether it is breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer or any other type.

We Need A Different Perspective

For those looking for help with cancer prevention or a cancer alternative to chemo, radiation and surgery, options can seem endless or oftentimes overwhelming. Who or what do you believe is legitimate? The Wellness Way Approach to Cancer centers around two key ideas: identifying the triggers that lead to the cancer process and assessing the immune system response and the ability of the body to identify and eliminate cancer cells. Both are critical to success and gives the patient the best chance to understand what needs to be done to allow for the best chance of survival.

The Three T's Affecting Your Body

Let’s Do Health Differently Together

The Wellness Way Approach begins with Inflammation. Inflammation plays a significant role in all health challenges but the causes of inflammation varies from person to person. Investigation begins with assessing the 3 T’s- Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts.


Subluxations, Abnormal Spinal Curves and Alignment, Injuries, Accidents, Poor Posture, Surgeries, Birthing Process, Sitting, Crossing Legs


Food Allergens, Poor Nutrition, Heavy Metals, Pollution, Cosmetics, Contaminated Water, Mold, Environmental Allergens, Artificial Sweeteners, Infections, Medications


Mental Stress about Work, Relationships, Friends, Family, Money, Fear, Anxiety, etc...


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