Heart Disease

Changing Trends

If the drugs worked, heart disease wouldn’t still be the #1 killer. Basic cholesterol testing is incomplete, lifestyle intervention is overlooked and people are suffering strokes and heart attacks without getting to the bottom of why. Advanced cholesterol testing along with inflammation reduction and improved blood sugar regulation is the key to changing the trends.

Proactive Approach Is the Best Approach

Heart disease and its complications, including heart attacks and strokes, continue to be the leading cause of death in the US. Blood pressure medication usage is on the rise. Cholesterol continues to receive the blame. Something has to change. Commonly known as the “silent killer”, heart disease often comes without obvious symptomatic warning signs. It is for this reason a proactive approach is the best approach. But don’t give up hope if heart disease has already made its presence known.

Digging Deeper

Basic blood work, cholesterol levels and blood pressures check doesn’t begin to scratch the surface on what is truly necessary to understand the underlying causes of heart disease. Medicine has not deviated from its reliance on medication to cover up the symptoms. What is truly behind the atherosclerosis, the blood pressure, the stroke or the heart attack? The Wellness Way approach digs deeper into advanced blood work that looks into the details of cholesterol, blood sugar and the function of major organs that play a role in blood pressure regulation. It is never to late to make a change.

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The Three T's Affecting Your Body

Let’s Do Health Differently Together

The Wellness Way Approach begins with Inflammation. Inflammation plays a significant role in all health challenges but the causes of inflammation varies from person to person. Investigation begins with assessing the 3 T’s- Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts.


Subluxations, Abnormal Spinal Curves and Alignment, Injuries, Accidents, Poor Posture, Surgeries, Birthing Process, Sitting, Crossing Legs


Food Allergens, Poor Nutrition, Heavy Metals, Pollution, Cosmetics, Contaminated Water, Mold, Environmental Allergens, Artificial Sweeteners, Infections, Medications


Mental Stress about Work, Relationships, Friends, Family, Money, Fear, Anxiety, etc...


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