Hormone Imbalance

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Is there such a thing as hormone balance? It seems to be the holy grail for both men and women, women especially. With birth control, hormone replacement therapy, hysterectomies and other hormonal manipulations available, it seems it’s not a matter of if, but when and what will somebody try to achieve hormone balance. The first place to start is with testing. How do you know where your hormones should be? Are symptoms accurately representing hormone levels? Hot flashes, infertility, inability to lose weight and many others are a result of hormone levels being out a balance. And add to the mix the major effects of stress, it’s no wonder how common of an issue it is.

Hormone Testing

To say that hormones can be complicated would be an understatement. With hormone issues on the rise, more and more medical treatments aim at manipulating the symptoms rather than trying to understand what clues the hormones are trying to tell us. Common hormone imbalances can result in PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, weight loss difficulty, energy and sleep struggles, painful cycles, low libido and cancer, just to name a few. At the forefront of treatment in birth control, hysterectomies, ablations, hormone replacement therapy and others. For both men and women, these don’t have to be acceptable solutions.

Restoring Hormone Function

In order to have a chance to correct hormone issues, proper and complete testing is a necessity. Three major mediums are possibly of measuring hormone levels: blood, urine and saliva. Depending on the individual case, one or more may be necessary. The next step involves knowing whether there is a hormone production or hormone conversion issue, or potentially a combination of the two. With a full understanding of how the body works and where the hormone levels are at, a game plan can be established in order to help restore the normal dynamics of the hormones.


Is your exercise routine depleting your hormones?

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