Joint & Muscle Pain

Understanding Why
Pain Occurs

Pain can come in many different types and severities. But one this is true about all pain, nobody wants it. Pain can occur for obvious and not so obvious reasons. Pain resulting from an injury makes sense. But when the pain has no apparent onset it takes some digging to get to the reason. The best place to start is with reducing inflammation. This can come from musculoskeletal work and chiropractic adjustments, improved nutrition, and many other means specific to each individual.

Allow Us to Connect the Dots

Joint and muscle aches and pains come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be acute or short-term, chronic or long-term, or some variation in the middle. They can be mild and annoying or severe and debilitating. While some may require further medical attention with the potential for drugs and surgery if severe enough, this should not be the first option in most situations.

The Most Comprehensive Solution

Understanding the many different reasons why pain occurs is the starting point in helping to determine the most appropriate solution. From diagnostic imaging to a physical exam to detailed lab work, The Wellness Way Approach is designed to provide the most comprehensive solution get to the bottom of the concern. Inflammation from all causes contributes to the pain process. Did you know the food you eat has an effect on your pain levels? If not, allow us to connect the dots in a whole new way by looking at many seemingly unconnected clues.

joint pain

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The Three T's Affecting Your Body

Let’s Do Health Differently Together

The Wellness Way Approach begins with Inflammation. Inflammation plays a significant role in all health challenges but the causes of inflammation varies from person to person. Investigation begins with assessing the 3 T’s- Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts.


Subluxations, Abnormal Spinal Curves and Alignment, Injuries, Accidents, Poor Posture, Surgeries, Birthing Process, Sitting, Crossing Legs


Food Allergens, Poor Nutrition, Heavy Metals, Pollution, Cosmetics, Contaminated Water, Mold, Environmental Allergens, Artificial Sweeteners, Infections, Medications


Mental Stress about Work, Relationships, Friends, Family, Money, Fear, Anxiety, etc...


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