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Mood Disorders Are at an All-Time High

From anxiety to depression or anywhere in between, mood disorders are at an all-time high. They can be debilitating and downright dangerous if left alone but the best answer medically is often medication. While there may be a time and a place for medication, this should be done in coordination with understanding the change in physiology that lead to the mood disorder. Things like gut health, neurotransmitters, nutrition and proper nervous system function all play a vital role to identifying and addressing the most common causes.

Find The Stressors

There are few health concerns that carry more weight than those involving mood disorders. Mood disorders can range from minor ebbs and flows of ups and downs to potentially life-threatening situations if left alone. To say it requires careful attention is a dramatic understatement. Mood disorders like anxiety and depression are at an all time high and are continuing plague a higher percent on individuals on an ongoing basis. Pharmaceutical usage may help to cover up some of the symptoms but the root of the problem is still there and the side effects of the medications are countless.

Identifying Common Causes

Oftentimes a diagnosis is made following a series of questions and observations with very little attention being paid to assessing the physiology behind the mood disorders. This is what sets The Wellness Way Approach apart. While there is great value to questions, observations and information gathering, there is a shift in physiology that needs to be better understood. Gut health, neurotransmitter levels, nutrition and proper nervous system function all play a vital role in identifying and addressing the most common causes.

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The Wellness Way Approach begins with Inflammation. Inflammation plays a significant role in all health challenges but the causes of inflammation varies from person to person. Investigation begins with assessing the 3 T’s- Traumas, Toxins and Thoughts.


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Mental Stress about Work, Relationships, Friends, Family, Money, Fear, Anxiety, etc...


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