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Restoring health with whole foods The Wellness Way

From Scratch  is about opening our homes – our kitchens – to you and your families, so that you, too, can create a healthy legacy for your family and generations to come.

What is From Scratch?

More than just a cookbook

Food Allergies

Food allergy testing is a cornerstone of The Wellness Way lifestyle to help restore function.

Reading Labels

Knowing what to buy and why builds confidence in the foods you prepare and serve.

Selecting Ingredients

The quality of food determines the outcome for flavors and nutritional value.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation can cause a cascade of health issues that has the potential to lead to disease.

Digital Content

Coming soon: Access to all new videos and courses to enhance your From Scratch experience.


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Why From Scratch?

Supporting Your Health Journey

Often, we find when people begin their Wellness Way journey, they feel left-out of events as they either bring their own food, choose not to participate, or simply eat something that will cause them to not feel well.  

We’ve been there. This book is the result of Dr. Alex and Christy’s journeys as they have also helped and supported friends, family, and patients walk their own health journeys. No two people are the same on the inside, and we realize that it can be challenging to come up with flavorful meals that the whole family can enjoy. 

Who we are

About the Authors

Two moms who understand the challenges and joys of a healthy lifestyle.

Christy Flynn

Food, and how I’ve related to it, has changed throughout my life. Growing up, I remember my mom and grandma’s kitchen with fresh, whole foods from the garden and farm, and the scent of fresh-baked rolls on the table. Food and life were simpler, plentiful, and nourishing. As a mother, teaching my daughters this lifestyle is an act of love.

Dr. Alex Fennelly, DC

As a Wellness Way doctor, I knew there were additional stresses for which the body needed the support healthy nutrition provides. When I started my Wellness Way journey, I discovered I had 52 food allergies that were contributing to some significant health challenges. Now having a family of my own, I felt the nudge in my heart to recreate my favorite childhood meals and have my son tag along for the journey.

Where it all began

What is The Wellness Way?

Simply, The Wellness Way is a network of health restoration clinics that think and act differently to solve the health challenges others can’t.  

We believe the body has the ability to and wants to heal when given proper support. One of the most powerful ways we do that is through the foods we consume, and those we choose not to. You may have heard the old adage, “Let food be thy medicine,” but not many people have heard the next part of that statement, “and medicine be thy food.” What if by supporting your body with what you need through nutrient-dense food sources could restore healing and proper function? We believe it can! We do health differently! 

What’s Inside

Real Food with Real Ingredients

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From Scratch will be available in August 2024. Order now and get our favorite new farmers’ market bag and two early release recipes:

  • Poppy Paloma Mocktail
  • Stuffed Buffalo Chicken