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Having an allergy to a common food, like dairy or wheat, can be tough. These foods are inflammatory for everyone but are common in many recipes.  If you have had your allergies properly tested, then you may have looked at a page of 6, 7, 8, 20, or maybe even 42 allergens that you have to avoid. That’s not only tough, but it can seem downright overwhelming.

We are used to it around here and love finding the best resources to support those trying to work around their allergies. We are always adding allergen-friendly recipes to our website and continue looking for great hacks to share.  That’s why we had to share this great app for cooking with food allergies. You’ve probably heard of the website and its app called Yummly. This app is customizable for your individual needs for a healthy lifestyle. We know that there is no one size fits all diet, and Yummly makes that easier.

“Our patients love it! It makes sticking to their food allergies so much easier when cooking for themselves,” says Paul Berens, Office Manager of The Wellness Way in Englewood, CO. “That means they get back to being healthier quicker because no one wants that process to go slower.”

What makes this our favorite app for cooking with allergies? Here are our 5 favorite things about it!

Our 5 Favorite Things About the Yummly App

1 – Free App and Recipes

You can set up an account just by giving them your e-mail address and the name you want them to call you by. I put in Rockstar, so I’d feel awesome while cooking. Setting up an account and all the recipes are FREE!

2 – Customize for Your Allergies

Once you have an account, you can update your preferences so that it filters out all the recipes that contain ingredients on your allergy list. There are two sections to do this in. The first is under allergens where they list 10 common allergies, and you just click on the ones you can’t have. The next section is “Disliked Ingredients” where you can get your list narrowed down even further. There are common foods people dislike that you can click on, and you can even add others by typing them in. Add your allergies in here. I put most of mine in but left out ones that I can easily substitute or just leave out. Like black pepper. I can leave that out, no problem.

3 – Specific Diet is No Problem

It’s harder to face a long allergy list when you already have a restricted diet. Yummly allows you to filter for the major diets including ketogenic, low FODMAP, paleo, vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo-vegetarian, and vegan.

4 – Makes Shopping Easy

With a click you can add the ingredients to your shopping list, and it sorts them based on type of ingredient. Because of their partnership with Basketful that shopping list can be delivered right to your door from Instacart, Shipt, Amazon Fresh, and Walmart. Cooking with allergies has gotten so much easier!

5 – Tons and Tons of Options

The best part of the app is that they pull in recipes from a lot of websites and amazing food bloggers which means there are lots of options. Even with all my allergies and diet restrictions there were a ton of options. When you look at beautiful pictures of healthy, yummy foods that you can eat it makes that allergy list less daunting.

Try Using the Yummly App for Cooking with Allergies

Find out for yourself if it really is the best app for cooking with allergies. It’s easy and it’s free! We weren’t paid to say it’s awesome. It just is, and we love sharing things to make living with allergies and living a healthy lifestyle easier!


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