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Everybody loves ice cream. We took a not-so official poll around the office. The results were 100% of people love ice cream. Unfortunately, traditional ice cream doesn’t love them. Milk isn’t good for you and that means dairy products like ice cream aren’t good for you either. Dairy products increase acne, inflammation, and messes with your digestion. After people learn about their allergies and the anti-inflammatory diet one of the most common questions is, “what about ice cream?” We have you covered with some dairy-free ice cream options.

Not all dairy-free ice creams are created equal. Just because it’s dairy free doesn’t mean that it’s healthy ice cream. Some popular brands like Ben & Jerry’s Non-dairy Ice Cream might contain ingredients like wheat, soybean oil, and high fructose corn syrup. These ingredients can be very inflammatory and aren’t good for a healthy diet. You don’t have to opt for something unhealthy just to be dairy-free. Check your ingredients and choose the best option for the occasional treat.

We have multiple dairy-free ice cream options that we turn to. We all have different tastes and different food allergies, so we have a variety to choose from. Be sure to check the ingredients for your food allergies and any changes in ingredients!

Healthier Dairy-Free Ice Cream Options

Coconut Bliss– This is one we often recommend for the occasional treat that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sacrificing. They have a variety of flavors. There aren’t a lot of ingredients and the ones they do have are pretty clean. It’s made with coconuts so it’s perfect for those with an almond or cashew allergy.

Nada Moo- This is a fairly new addition to our dairy-free ice cream options but has quickly become a favorite for some of us. Like the Coconut Bliss this has a shorter ingredients list with fairly clean ingredients. We like that! They have some fun flavors and it’s always good to have a little competition in the dairy-free market.

So Delicious Cashew Milk- Cashews are great for adding a creamy texture to your foods and recipes. It’s a natural choice for a dairy-free ice cream alternative.  Cashews are very creamy. Watch the ingredients because they get a little longer on this brand and some have ingredients like canola oil which aren’t so great.

Cado Ice Cream – This yummy ice cream is made with a unique ingredient that is friendly for those with nut allergies. The base is made with avocados! Avocados are perfectly creamy, and they don’t have much flavor, so they are a great substitute. They are also full of healthy fats! You can feel good about your frozen treat instead of guilty.

Almond Dream – This ice cream has an almond base. It’s a popular one that can be found in a lot of places and a lot of different flavors. It’s not at the top of our list because it’s not the best ingredients but if you are having trouble finding a dairy-free option it will do.

Going Dairy-Free Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Changing your health is also about changing your lifestyle. That doesn’t mean never having ice cream again on hot day or with your gluten-free birthday cake. It means finding healthier upgrades for those times when you want a treat. There are great options for dairy-free ice cream. You can start somewhere with these options or you might be making your own dairy-free ice cream treats. Like these Chavocado Fudgesicles (or try some of our other dairy-free dessert recipes). We think we need to do another poll after trying these dairy-free ice cream options! You will love these dairy-free options and be healthier enjoying them!


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