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Headaches, brain fog, aches, GI issues, rashes, and other skin issues. When people get sick, the symptoms are what get their attention. Symptoms are the signals our bodies send to let us know that something is going on within. They are not the dysfunction; they are the indicator to dysfunction! A health restoration clinic will address the root cause of the disease, not just manage the symptoms.

Think of your car. Sometimes we can be completely unaware there is anything going on until the warning lights come on. Like the warning lights in a car, typically you need to go a bit deeper to find the real issue. You don’t want to just cover up the warning lights, that doesn’t fix the problem! You have to have a mechanic run some diagnostic tests. Once the tests indicate where the problem is, the mechanic can determine and present courses of action to correct the situation. Sometimes that may look like a really big deal compared to the little light it set off! But taking care of the problem will ensure a better, longer running car.

Applying that thinking to treating the root cause instead of the symptoms will help in restoring health. Simply managing symptoms, over time, will allow for disease to linger and affect other systems of the body. At The Wellness Way, we think of the body as functioning like a fine Swiss watch. All gears need to function properly for the whole watch to do what it is meant to do: efficiently keep time! When one part breaks down, it will affect another. The body functions in the same way; systems and organs affect other systems.

The Wellness Way, A Health Restoration Center

When your house is on fire, you immediately call the fire department. Who do you call when you need to rebuild your house so that you can safely live in it again? You call a carpenter. They both take care of the needs of your house in the moment but have different tools and skills. At The Wellness Way, we are the carpenters that help to restore health and systems of the house that may have been damaged by the fire.

Our bodies can be influenced by what we call the 3 T’s: thoughts, toxins, and trauma. Interference from any of these needs to be addressed to get back to homeostasis and living a healthy, vibrant life. The Wellness Way uses a unique strategy to assist our patients in their health restoration goals. We help you start the journey to reclaiming your health and get back to living!

We Listen

We start by taking the time to listen to our patients in an in-depth consultation. After all, you are the one living in the body! Your story can give us great insights as to how you’ve gotten to where you are. Through taking the time to hear our patients, we can find clues to where the root cause may have originated. The symptoms are sending warning flares, we need to follow them. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, they can lead us to what we need to discover to restore health.

We Test

After taking some time to listen to patients, we have a clearer picture as to what needs to be tested. We use proven tests, specifically targeted to find the answers we need. These state-of-the-art, cutting-edge diagnostic tools help us to look beyond the scope of testing typically ordered by doctors. Testing, diagnostics, and analysis will help us to set the path for the journey ahead. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We don’t guess, we test!  Each patient’s health restoration plan is specifically tailored to fit their unique needs and situation.

We Discover

With targeted and specific testing, we discover how the body is functioning and where dysfunction may be. We create a customized health restoration plan to support the body and eliminate dysfunction. Along the way, we may find other systems and organs that need support. During the health restoration journey, our patients also discover other areas in which their lives can be enhanced by addressing traumas, toxins, and thoughts, each of which play an important role.

We Guide

Unlike other restrictive healthcare models, The Wellness Way doctors offer guidance to overcome what may seem to be an insurmountable health challenge. We assist our patients by empowering them to take back their health. By partnering with a Wellness Way clinician, you will have the support you need to take back your health and vibrant life. You aren’t just improving your health; you are transforming your life!

Don’t Wait, Get Started on Your Journey Today!

With an expanding network, The Wellness Way has clinics throughout the U.S. and now internationally as well. No matter where you are in the world, all of our clinics offer virtual care. Each of our doctors and clinicians are specially trained with knowledge to guide you, no matter your condition.

With a broad support system in place and community on social media, we offer our patients a space to meet with like-minded people on a similar path. You are not alone.

To find out more, use the tools below to find a Wellness Way clinic and get started on your journey today!


Our goal at The Wellness Way clinics is to provide each patient with a fully tailored plan for addressing their unique needs. Don’t just search “wellness clinic near me” and go with the first option that shows up. Instead, choose to work with doctors and practitioners who think differently, and are committed to restoring your health in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

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