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“I can relate to every single patient with a sense of compassion, empathy not sympathy,” says Dr. Chad Hyatt. Even those who follow their passion to help the health of others can face their own difficult health journeys.

He understands the journey of his patients because he knows how important health is with his own health history that includes dyslexia and heavy metal toxicity. Dr. Chad knows how it can impact a whole family after seeing his children and wife severely impacted by toxic black mold.

He started a chiropractic practice and things were going well, and Dr. Chad was doing what he was meant to do in helping patients. “It was a calling on my life that God put there. I didn’t choose it it chose me,” says Dr. Chad.

The couple purchased a new home. New to them and only two years old. They were expecting their 4th child with in the year. They weren’t expecting that mother and child would almost die because of a placenta abruptu which is very rare. It’s when the umbilical cord, which baby needs for oxygen and nutrients, tears from the uterus. “Looking back, we know it was the black mold in the house,” says Dr. Chad.

Health Issues Build

Over the next few years, health issues seemed to build on top of each other with some of his children suffering gut issues, allergies and asthma-like symptoms. His wife became more fatigued. She would sleep for hours during home school and the children wouldn’t know why. The exposure to the black mold caused her to develop a post-Lyme’s disease condition that reactivated the illness she contracted as a teenager. Something had to be done. The Hyatts spent over $100,000 trying to remediate the black mold from their home.

It can be very lonely when your family faces an illness. “In all honesty, I felt completely abandoned and alone,” says Dr. Chad. “People don’t understand, they can understand cancer, but they can’t understand an autoimmune-type disorder where there are no answers and no true test to diagnose what the situation is.”

“People just look at you like it’s all in your head and you’re just sick in the head. As if you don’t know what you’re talking about,” says Dr. Chad. He knew the difficulties his family was facing.

Then his wife noticed a pin prick on her foot at the end of August that grew to the size of a pencil eraser by October. A biopsy showed it was melanoma cartilaginous cancer stage 4. A rare form of cancer that is not from the sun but cellular insults, or black mold. The cancer was removed in December and they bought a new house. “I said, ‘that’s it we aren’t staying in this house any longer’,” says Dr. Chad.

Rebuilding Health

“We have been out of the house now for seven years and are still rebuilding health. My wife still suffers some health issues,” says Dr. Chad. “As long as we live the chiropractic principles of eating right, getting adjusted regularly, and keeping stress at a minimum she’s able to live a normal life without any severe side effects.”

“In coping with that and having walked through that scenario it gives you an empathetic view point with your patients- that you know what they are going through and it’s not a psychological standpoint- it is a physiological issue,” says Dr. Chad. “One that can be addressed once you get the physiology turned around and the body starts healing the way God intended it to heal.”

Dr. Chad met Dr. Patrick while dealing with the black mold in their home. After time it made sense to become an affiliate of The Wellness Way. “The Wellness Way has taken it to a whole other level understanding that I’m not just treating the symptom,” says Dr. Chad. “I’m not taking an allopathic model of treating symptoms with drugs and instead treating something that is natural. The ailment isn’t important it’s the physiology and figuring out why the body is doing what it’s doing so we can treat the body as a whole. That’s what The Wellness Way has brought us into.”

Helping Others

Dr. Chad has found he is able to help more patients with many different ailments because of how the approach includes looking at the gut, hormones and restoring normal function to allow the body to heal. He also is part of a team of doctors that are part of the journey with him. “I have a team I can call at any point in time when I’m stumped to get another set of eyes and opinions to help that patient attain the health they are desiring. That is a huge asset.”

The Wellness Way and doctors like Dr. Chad offer a unique approach to wellness that makes a lot of sense. He knows there are many people wrestling with health issues that are looking for answers. “The biggest struggle for me was telling people I can help them without fear they will reject the approach. Now I just have the security of saying, ‘research for yourself and when you are ready I am here for you.’”

“It’s the only way if you truly want to have health, wellness and well-being. Your health is your greatest asset and if you lose it you will spend your wealth trying to regain it. In my eyes there is no other choice than The Wellness Way Approach.”

Health is a Journey

“When you walk through the black mold and you are genetically susceptible to it the way my wife is, and some of my children are, it’s a continual process. The healthier you are, the quicker that response is for you to get back on track for the road to recovery,” says Dr. Chad.

Dr. Chad is following his calling to walk with others on their health journey. “Knowing you are making a difference in someone’s life. When you see healing take place whether it be emotionally, or physically, or structurally – there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that happen,” says Dr. Chad. “Health is never a destination it’s always a journey and one we can walk together.”

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn


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