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Doctor Patrick Flynn was interviewed last week by Good Morning CHD. Dr. Patrick was asked for his response and insights to the new documentary Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda. Host, Michael Kane, welcomed Dr. Patrick and emphasized his unique perspective, the Wellness Way approach, as compared to standard chiropractors.

Dr. Patrick shared the Swiss watch philosophy, and in reference to the documentary, how most hormonal issues, are actually immune issues. Infertility is simply a signal that the body is not functioning well. The link between how the body functions, specifically with autoimmune issues, has been studied extensively. A publication in the Lancet lays this out clearly.

When vaccine proponents emphasize the immune response to vaccines, they are disregarding and negating the importance of the effects on other systems and organs. Their attempt is to manipulate one system without regard to another. When infertility becomes an issue, that manipulation transfers to another system and organs. Unless the appropriate labs are run, it’s not possible to get a clear picture. These labs are available, even if insurance doesn’t cover them, or a doctor isn’t sure what to do with them.

Many would like to discredit The Wellness Way approach and clinicians based on their education. However, with the vast number of labs, the unique approach, and A Different Perspective, The Wellness Way has helped many couples who’ve struggled with infertility and autoimmune issues. More people are struggling with health challenges and infertility than ever before under the care of modern medicine, regardless of all of the advancements and specialists.

Doctor Patrick asked the question, “How are we doing?” in reference to that very fact.

Kane so resonated with Dr. Patrick’s sentiment, and the philosophy of The Wellness Way, that he couldn’t help but conclude, “If you keep doing the things that aren’t working over and over, it’s time for a change.”

To watch the complete interview, follow this link. For the documentary Dr. Patrick and Kane refer to, Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda, follow this link.


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