National best-selling author, Dr. Patrick Flynn answers questions about his latest book, “I Disagree: How These Two Words Are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health.” The new book was recently released and has already been an Amazon Best Seller.

It gives insight into how the doctor developed his new approach, and how readers can use the information to transform their health by thinking differently. Dr. Patrick Flynn is the founder of The Wellness Way, a network of 55+ chiropractic clinics that are revolutionizing health across the United States and soon in Europe.

What has most surprised you about writing a book?

So many people have read it from so many countries, and with it becoming a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Healthy Living and Alternative Therapies within 24 hours. I never thought I would be an author because I never thought I was important enough, but people from all over the world are reading this book.

It definitely was an evolution that led me to writing the book. When I started to see things differently, it got me excited to share that message. And when I saw the health outcomes people are getting from thinking differently, I knew I had to write the book so more people would hear it.

What message do readers find in the book?

They will find a totally different approach to health. One that empowers them to disagree with the status quo and take control of their health. With all the money our country spends on health care, people aren’t getting healthier. They are getting sicker. Cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes, infertility, and so many other conditions are on the rise. We need to take a different approach that supports the body not one that just treats disease. That’s where The Wellness Way Approach comes in.

The book talks about my experience and my wife’s health experiences that led to a whole new way of looking at health. It also talks about how you can look at health differently, and even breaks down the definition of health for the reader. Have you ever noticed that everyone wants health, but most people don’t know what it is? Most people can’t define it. That’s why everyone is so sick. If you ask 20 people to define health, you will get 20 different answers.

What do you love about connecting with readers?

If I can plant a thought in their head to get them to think differently- that to me is the most exciting thing by far. Anybody can think differently and change the world. I meet people all the time who think differently but are afraid to act on it.  I hope the book emboldens them to follow through with the truth in their hearts.  It doesn’t matter where they came from or what their circumstances are. They can make a difference.

I didn’t come from a prominent family or from the richest circumstances. If someone has something they know can impact others or they have a story to share, then they should do it. The book is more than just about health. The book shows how I looked at something differently and said, “I disagree and I’m going to try to change it.”

What types of books do you like to read?

I research a lot and really like reading books on physiology and biochemistry. If I’m not studying physiology and biochemistry, then I’m studying personal growth and development. I really like personal development books, like ones by John Maxwell. I believe in always growing my knowledge base and growing personally.

What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my family and who they are becoming. My wife was told because of her health that she wouldn’t have children, but we have four beautiful girls. I’m even more in love with my wife than when I met her, and I love watching my little girls grow up. It goes so fast and you have to make memories and enjoy the process. We do that every day.

What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Don’t Stop Believing – from Journey. Believe in yourself and your best health! We all have a story to live and share. I’m living my story the best I can, and I want to encourage others to too. If you think differently, other people need to hear it. That’s how we learn from each other!

If you believe in living for your best health and want to learn more, check out the new book!