Egg allergies are common so is avoiding eggs on Easter and Passover. IgE egg allergies are the second most common allergy in infants and children. These are the allergic reactions that are most commonly known with an immediate reaction such as hives or anaphylaxis. IgG reactions are also common and have a delayed reaction which can lead to hidden inflammation and a variety of health conditions.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, an egg allergy doesn’t have to put a stop to your Easter fun. We have a few ideas for an egg-less Easter that will help you make new holiday traditions without the eggs.

5 Ideas for an Egg-less Easter & Passover for those with Egg Allergies

Find Allergy-Friendly Spins on the Traditional Holiday Recipes

There a lot out there that don’t have eggs, and you can find ones that are even healthier than the traditional ones. Try making Easter cut-outs with this Sugar Cookie Recipe that has ingredients that are far better for you than traditional white flour and sugar. Here’s a great frosting recipe to go with it.

Try Duck Instead of Chicken Eggs

Duck eggs might be an option for you. Their eggs aren’t the same chicken eggs and most people with chicken egg allergies are able to have duck eggs. Duck eggs taste similar to chicken eggs and can easily be swapped in many recipes like this egg bake. They are also in this GF Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake. Do not be alarmed about the high amount of cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol isn’t the reason for increased cholesterol levels.

Decorating Egg-less

You can still have fun decorating eggs without having to buy chicken eggs you can’t eat. Many craft stores have Styrofoam or  environmentally-friendly wooden eggs you can decorate using stickers, glitter, paint and so much more. If you really like dyeing eggs, try the Eggnots. These eggs made just for those with egg allergies are dyeable ceramic. And you can keep the memories!

Egg Hunts and Healthier Easter Baskets

Use plastic eggs for your egg hunts. Stuff them with healthy candy options, toys, stickers or money. Easter doesn’t have to be eggs or sugary candy. There are lots of options and if you are looking for more healthy ideas check out our article: Peep These Healthy Kids Easter Ideas.

Start the Day with an Egg-less Omelet

Egg allergies are common, so you aren’t alone. There are lots of us trying new recipes and exploring the egg-less lifestyle. Try this fun recipe for a No-Egg Omelet from our friends at Madison Chiropractic and Wellness- A Wellness Way Affiliate in Madison, Missouri. There is something out there for everyone.

An Egg-less Easter or Passover Can Mean New Traditions

Finding out you have an egg allergy can be a bummer, and it can be hard trying to accommodate a loved one with an egg allergy. You will find that it’s not that bad. These ideas can help get you started with ideas to create your own traditions for the holiday.