Your most embarrassing questions might be the ones that are clues to what’s getting in the way of you and your best health. They are the ones many people google but don’t actually ask their doctor. Doctors see many patients and hear it all! They will never judge you for asking a question about your health. They wish more people asked them! After all, “doctor google” can’t give you all the answers! Don’t be embarrassed to ask a doctor questions that could be the key to a healthier you!

Here are 9 of the Top Questions We Wish Patients Weren’t Embarrassed to Ask a Doctor:

1 – Why Don’t I Poop Every Day? Or What’s Up with My Poop?

Your poop can be a good indicator of your health and digestion. If you have problems with inflammation, stress, hormones and a variety of other conditions it can be seen in your gut. Look to the toilet for clues on your health. You should be pooping 2-3 times a day and pay close attention to consistency and color. It should look like chocolate soft serve. If it doesn’t, ask your doctor about it. If you want to learn more, check out our article: What #2 is Telling You

2 – What’s Up with the Body Odor?

Body odor can cause so much embarrassment, and it can be a hard topic to bring up. Don’t let that stop you! Everybody gets body odor, but excessive body odor (or changes in body odor) can be a health warning sign. We talked about reasons you might be stinky in a recent article and the three top reasons were stress, GI issues, and toxins. Talk to your doctor so they get a full picture of your health.

3 – Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

If you’re having trouble losing weight you might be embarrassed to ask a doctor about it. A lot of people feel guilty because they think if they just stopped eating that they would lose the weight. Don’t feel guilty! That extra weight is probably more of a health indicator than a sign you have been eating too many cookies. Extra weight can be from inflammation or water weight. If you are eating too much it can be a sign of hormonal imbalance. To learn more, check out the Roadblocks to Weight Loss. Remember it’s not about the number on the scale, but how healthy you are.

4 –  Why is My PMS so Bad? This Also Applies to Menopause, PCOS, Endometriosis, and All the Others

PMS is not normal, and neither is PCOS, endometriosis, menopause symptoms, or any of the other hormonal conditions. Many people think because PMS is common, that it’s normal. It’s not. What does PMS stand for? Premenstrual syndrome. Syndrome is not normal. Whether you are experiencing symptoms that disrupt your day or cause you discomfort, talk to your doctor about it. It’s a sign that your hormones are out of balance. Ask your doctor about getting your hormones tested and how to find the causes of your hormonal imbalance.

5 – I Forgot the Next One… Why am I So Forgetful?

Many people think being forgetful is just something that happens with age, but that just isn’t true. Your brain was wired to be healthy! Forgetfulness and brain fog can be a sign of hormone imbalance, anemia, vitamin D deficiency, poor diet, inflammation, liver problems, kidney conditions, nutritional deficiencies, infections, and other conditions. The only way to know is to ask and to get properly tested. In the meantime, make sure you are getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and checking out some tips for a healthy brain.

6 – Is My Sex Drive Low?

Sex is something many people are embarrassed to ask a doctor about. The definition of low will depend on if you are male or female. Testosterone gives a man a high sex drive so they should be chasing their lady every day. That’s if he has healthy hormones. If a man starts to get lazy, depressed, or isn’t interested in sex, it’s a sign he is sick. Now women’s hormones change throughout the month. That means they will have interest in sex at different times and they shouldn’t have a high sex drive all the time. If they do it’s a sign the hormones are off, and they could have a condition like PCOS.  If a woman’s hormones are well-balanced, she will have a higher sex drive during weeks 2 and 4 of her cycle.

7 – Why is Vaginal Dryness Messing with My Sex Life?  

Another way hormones can mess with your sex life is vaginal dryness. It might be a sign your estrogens are off. It can happen at any age and while it’s common, it’s not normal. Talk to your doctor to figure out the cause (or causes) of your vaginal dryness. In the meantime, use coconut oil to help alleviate the dryness until you figure out what is happening, and avoid toxic lubes.

8 – Am I Extra Gassy?

Everybody has gas. It’s totally normal! Excessive gas can be a health concern, and an even bigger gauge is if your gas is very smelly. These farts can be a health warning sign that your gut is in bad shape, you eat too many processed foods, imbalanced hormones, food allergies, excessive sugar intake, or even something more serious. If you don’t talk to your doctor, you won’t get to the bottom of your gas.

9 – Why am I Depressed? Anxious?

We don’t talk about mental health enough, and if you are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, you should talk to your doctor. Not being embarrassed to ask a doctor could save your life. Depression or anxiety can be a sign that something is off with your gut or hormones.  It could even be your medication. One study found that over 1/3 of Americans are on a medication that has a side effect of depression. You deserve a body that functions optimally for your best mental health.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask a Doctor

Use your time wisely with your doctor and share the questions you have. They will help your doctor get you the best tests and the best results. Whether it is something on this list or another that keeps popping up – it’s important to ask. Before your appointment write down your questions so you don’t forget (or in some cases freeze).

If you aren’t getting to the bottom of your health concerns or you don’t feel comfortable talking to your doctor, it might be time to break up with your doctor and look for a new doctor. We don’t want anyone being held back because of a question they were too afraid to ask a doctor!

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