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At A Glance:

  • Singapore teen weightlifter collapses from cardiac arrest six days after first dose of Pfizer vaccine.
  • Singapore updates recommendations to include avoiding strenuous activity for one week following first or second dose of mRNA vaccines.
  • Other teen athletes also affected by heart conditions and blood clots following mRNA vaccines.

Last week, reports of a 16-year-old Singapore young man suffering from cardiac arrest brought further precautions to the mRNA vaccines. The teen had been exercising and lifting weights six days following his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. He collapsed at home later that day. His first dose was on June 27 and he collapsed on July 3.

On June 11, the Health Ministry of Singapore had originally set a precaution to avoid strenuous activity for 12-24 hours following the second dose of an mRNA vaccine. It has since updated the precaution to a week following either the first or second dose. The guidance was directed particularly to men under 30 years of age and adolescents.

Additional tests are being run to determine the cause of the cardiac event.¹ On Monday, July 5, the teen was still in critical condition in an intensive care unit.²  

Another Young Athlete

Last month, a 17-year-old American teen received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on June 15. The vaccine was required by his school to play soccer. A week later, he told his dad his “heart hurt every time his heart beat.” The father questioned the boy thinking it could be a strained muscle due to exercise. They went to the local walk-in clinic where the boy underwent tests and was referred to a cardiologist. Everything came back normal. They also checked his blood and told the father and son it would be 2-3 days before they heard back. 

The next day, the day of the boy’s prom, they received a call urging them to get to an emergency room immediately. The teen’s troponin levels were “off the charts.” Troponin is a biomarker that indicates heart damage or possible heart attack. 

The boy missed his prom and after several days was released from the hospital just in time for his graduation. A recent EKG continues to show that something is “off.” There is still scar tissue and the young man has to avoid strenuous activity due to the risk of a heart attack. He is unable to surf, have normal teen fun with his friends, and even play soccer, which was the very reason he got the vaccine in the first place. The boy had previously had COVID-19 and was fully recovered.³

Heart Problems Aren’t the Only Concern

Recently, a teen in Utah developed blood clots after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. The 17-year-old boy played basketball with traveling clubs and was preparing for his junior year, the year that college and university scouts search out talent to recruit. Hearing that mandates may be a concern, his family decided to go ahead and get the vaccine. He developed severe neck pain and later debilitating headaches.

After days of advocating for her son, Cherie Ramsey finally got the testing she believed her son needed. The doctors discovered three blood clots in and around his brain. He has continued to practice to the best of the limited ability he has with reduced vision and energy. Nobody can tell him whether he’ll be able to play basketball this fall.⁴ 

After further testing, it was determined that he had been previously infected with COVID-19 and had fully recovered.⁵

FDA and mRNA vaccines

Concerns regarding myocarditis related to the mRNA vaccines have been brought to the attention of the FDA. Cases have been reported in teens, young adults, and US service men who are also under age 30. 

In June, a group of 27 concerned experts petitioned the FDA to slow down and wait on granting full approval for the mRNA vaccines. They urged the FDA to allow the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) to remain in place. This would allow those who choose to get the vaccine to have access. It would also allow data yet to be collected from long-term safety studies to help guide the approval.

On June 25, the FDA announced it would add a warning to the mRNA vaccines indicating a risk of myocarditis, predominantly in young men and teens. The warning came after hundreds of reports of heart inflammation.

Earlier this week, members of the military were told to prepare for the full approval of the COVID vaccines by the FDA, resulting in mandates

Hold the Phone — Doc’s Thoughts:

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we’ve been told to follow the science. Science is: 

the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.⁶ 

We’ve been seeing a lot of evidence that we need to apply in regards to blood clots and myocarditis.

Each of the young men in this article were athletes at the top of their game. They can no longer participate in their respective sports, let alone exercise! They were healthy, active young men in the prime of their life, just like the service men who had recently been diagnosed with myocarditis

Two of the above had recovered from confirmed cases of COVID. They had natural immunity. Blanket requirements and universal, mass vaccine recommendations required them to get the vaccine. We are seeing devastating scenarios like this in college students as schools are also imposing mandates. Nobody is checking to see if these individuals have already developed immunity. 

Few are talking about natural immunity. What are the consequences of this vaccine to those who have natural immunity? Safety data is not yet available. With so many young people having mild, possibly asymptomatic cases, it is hard to determine who has already recovered from the virus. A very basic understanding of the immune system would indicate this is problematic, even deadly.

With this age group typically having such mild cases, should the vaccine even be used in these populations? Under EUA (emergency use authorization) guidelines, I’d have to say the recommendations don’t fit the criteria. One of the minimum requirements is that the known and potential benefits outweigh the known potential risks.⁷

These young, healthy, vibrant people are being injured and even dying. When blanket mandates and universal guidelines are put into place, the individual loses their right to informed consent. Medical freedoms are restricted because these kids and young adults need to get the vaccine in order to participate in sports or attend colleges and universities. We need to help these young people and continue to advocate for informed consent. That starts with getting accurate information to the people so that they can make decisions for their family. At The Wellness Way we will always advocate for medical freedoms and informed consent. Mandates restrict those freedoms. 





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