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July 10, 2021 – This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn interviews Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccine technology. Dr. Malone has roughly four decades of scientific research experience and stills consults for the government today, including the Department of Defense and FDA.

Dr. Robert Malone states that hearing from his Canadian colleagues regarding adverse events in vaccine usage in their patients led him to write a bioethics paper encouraging people all over the world to use logic when it comes to making decisions regarding their health. He states that the intention of his paper is to give people the words and logic they can use to defend themselves and to provide legal empowerment for people who are having trouble grappling with what they are experiencing through vaccine mandates, discrimination in the workplace, etc.

Are COVID Vaccines Gene Therapy?

When asked if COVID vaccines are gene therapy, Dr. Malone states that literature presented by Moderna and Pfizer states clearly that these vaccines are gene therapy. He notes that gene therapy technologies are not particularly effective or potent.

Is the Spike Protein Cyto-toxic?

Regarding the dangers of the spike protein in the COVID vaccine crossing the blood-brain barrier, Dr. Malone states, “The native spike protein as expressed by the virus is cyto-toxic [toxic to cells]. It does open the blood brain barrier.” He states that it activates inflammatory pathways in the body.

Who Is Responsible for Determining Vaccine Safety?

Dr. Malone states that it is the responsibility of the vaccine manufacturers to prove that their vaccines are safe. He says that he has yet to see the data backing up claims of safety. He uses the phrase “guilty until proven innocent” in regards to vaccine manufacturers to illustrate the importance of being hesitant to assume something is safe if there is not sufficient proof. The burden of proof is on the vaccine manufacturers to show that their vaccines are safe.

He states that we can’t assume that self-reported databases are providing direct cause and effect relationships for adverse symptoms. But it is currently the data we have.

What Complications Are Being Most Associated with COVID Vaccines?

Dr. Malone states that he thinks that occurrences of myocarditis, while currently appearing among younger populations, are probably more distributed through the general population as well. A new symptom appearing post-vaccination is hypertension. Dr. Malone developed new onset grade 3 hypertension after getting his second Moderna dose. Reproductive health signals are very prevalent among women as well, as more and more women are reporting disturbance in their menstrual cycles after getting vaccinated.

Is the Government Giving the Public Appropriate Risk/Benefit Ratio Data?

“COVID-19 is a boomer disease,” says Dr. Malone, effecting the elderly more than anyone else. The government is applying the risk of vaccines uniformly across an entire population. Dr. Malone states that in his opinion, the government should make sure the vaccine is available to vulnerable populations (like the elderly) and let them choose whether to get it, saying, “We control our bodies; the state doesn’t.”

If a member of the elderly population elects not to get the vaccine, Dr. Malone doesn’t think it’s the responsibility of youth to incur risk to protect an elderly person who is electing not to get the vaccine. It is the responsibility of the individual to make an informed decision and take responsibility for their lives.

In closing, Dr. Patrick Flynn asks Dr. Malone, “Do you believe, based on your experience with the government, that the government is being transparent with the public?”

Dr. Malone’s answer: “No.”

He states that we are experiencing the “noble platonic lie.” This means that certain people believe they possess a level of education, influence, and knowledge that justifies them misrepresenting the truth to the general population for the population’s own good. These individuals believe it is okay to misrepresent information for the “general good.” They believe it is okay to impose things that are perceived by sources of authority as furthering the general good, rather than respecting the rights of the individual. Dr. Malone states that this is the essence of what’s happening.

Dr. Patrick Flynn Recaps What Stood Out to Him In the Interview

  • The burden of proof is on vaccine manufacturers to prove their vaccines are safe.
  • Dr. Flynn applauds Dr. Malone’s constant search of data and that he is always looking for evidence-based information.
  • The responsibility for personal choices should rest on each individual. Informed consent is critical and must be fought for and valued.
  • There is currently insufficient data regarding the risk/benefit ratio for the vaccine. Even VAERS information is debatable at best. But Dr. Flynn states that this is just what we need: debate! Let people debate these issues, do their research, and make their decisions themselves.

In closing, Dr. Flynn analyzes information from the CDC regarding the antigenic behavior of the COVID vaccine. His analysis illustrates that mRNA vaccines have the potential to be recognized by the body as antigens and therefore can contribute to the destruction of organs. The mRNA vaccines turn cells into antigens, which is particularly dangerous and could lead to a large development of autoimmune diseases among the vaccinated population.

Citing several articles on The Wellness Way website, as noted below, he also makes the point that concerns regarding heart inflammation following vaccine doses should be seen as alarming and taken very seriously:

Finally, Dr. Flynn cites several studies showing how the spike protein in the vaccines crosses the blood brain barrier. Issues like brain fog and neuropathy have been noted in individuals following vaccination. Could we see increased rates of Alzheimer’s and dementia in 10-15 years due to the vaccine? Dr. Flynn states that, in his opinion, yes, there is a good chance that could happen.

He notes that all diseases are inflammatory immune responses that happen over time. “Over time” is key. The rushed nature of the vaccines could come with many devastating long-term effects not yet researched.

The public should know all of this before choosing to get the vaccine. The choice should be an informed one, made after considering all of the information available.

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