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Is it just us, or is every activity in October centered around treats? By the end of October, the average family could open their own candy store. In past articles, we’ve talked about the bad ingredients in Halloween candy and about how to keep the fun in Halloween with the Switch Witch. This time, let’s talk about fun fall activities for families that aren’t all about treats.

These fun activities are perfect for building memories and for building healthy habits. As we head into cold and flu season, many people don’t realize how some activities leave us more susceptible to illness. It’s too much sugar, not enough sun, and too much stress season. These fun fall activities can help you avoid those bad habits.

11 Fun Fall Activities for Families

1 – Find a New Trail

Even the trails that were hiked and biked during the summer are new as the seasons start to change. Every trip can look different, so get out and enjoy. It’s also a great time to explore new trails. Find a new destination to explore, like a new park or a waterfall. It’s a beautiful time to get outside, get active, and soak up some vitamin D.

2 – Make a Scarecrow

You don’t have to have a garden to make a scarecrow. Scarecrows make the perfect decoration for your front yard. It’s a fun way to get creative and recycle some materials from around your house. Will your scarecrow be hanging around? Maybe he’ll be sitting in a chair or riding a bike. Your scarecrow can be simple or complex, depending on your level of craftiness.

3 – Get Lost in a Corn Maze

This is the time of year to find a corn maze and get lost for a while. Some farms have extras like hayrides, petting zoos or other kids’ activities for a fun afternoon of making memories. If your kids are a little older, find a haunted corn maze or haunted house. And as long as we’re talking about haunted houses…

4 – Tell Ghost Stories Around a Bonfire

Here’s another way to have fun enjoying the spooky season. Crisp fall nights just beg for a nice warm fire to sit around telling ghost stories. Add a nice cup of our healthier apple cider, or try some healthier s’mores.

5 – Have a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be tons of fun and a reason to explore the neighborhood. You can make it easy by printing off a list of items you’ll find around the area or step it up with some tricky clues that lead your kids to a fun prize.

6 – Get Crafty with Leaves

When you’re out on your hike or scavenger hunt, collect items in nature to make crafts. Leaves, nuts, and twigs all make interesting elements for a fun craft. You can look for ideas on Pinterest using fall items and materials you have around the house. Better yet, dump all the materials in the center of your table and let your kids build their own creations. Let their creativity amaze you!

7 – Decorate Your House or Porch for the Season

Let your children help you decorate for the season. Maybe it’s spooky skeletons, silly ghosts, or classic pumpkins with cornstalks. Your new tradition might be making memorable decorations.

8 – Try Horseback Riding (Or Another New Outdoor Hobby)

If your kids are school-age or older, try hitting the trails to admire the fall colors in a different way. Many stables have options for all levels of riders and will show you everything you want to know. If horseback riding doesn’t sound like the right activity for your family, there are plenty of other outdoor adventures or sports to try. It could be hockey or football, or Doc’s favorite – golf! You could also try kite flying, kayaking, or ziplining through the trees.

9 – Visit an Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch (or Both!)

Finding an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch is the classic autumn adventure. Remember to take plenty of pictures! If you find an organic apple orchard, make sure to pick plenty of apples so you can make this apple butter recipe and still have some left to dip in this caramel dip.

10 – Make Time for Cooking or Baking

Cooking or baking with kids can be challenging, but it’s definitely memorable. Children can help by getting things ready or measuring things out. While cooking with your kids you can teach them how important cooking with healthy ingredients is. For fall kitchen time, try some of our healthy soups like Bulgarian lentil soupbutternut squash soup, or dairy-free potato soup. If baking is more your style, try this healthy pumpkin pie or pumpkin chip bread.

11 – Get Cozy for a Halloween Movie Night (Or It’s Never Too Early for Christmas Movies)

After a day of fun fall activities, it’s nice to chill as a family. We love watching movies with our families, and what a great way to spend a fall night! Stay in with some healthy snacks, or pack some snacks for the drive-in. Some drive-in movie theaters are bringing back Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus or Gremlins. If scary movies leave you with sleepless nights, there are always Halloween cartoons, or, remember, it’s never too early for Christmas movies!

Family Fun for a Healthy Lifestyle

These fun, family-friendly fall activities aren’t just for passing the time. They’ll help you build memories with your family while building a healthy lifestyle. Don’t fall into the “too much sugar, not enough vitamin D, and too much stress” season. Instead, fall into some new healthy traditions that will last for years to come.

Originally published on October 14, 2020. Updated October 19, 2023.


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