Nobody said adopting a healthy lifestyle would be cheap, but we do our best to find the best deals to get the healthiest bang for our buck. We have found a lot of great deals on organic produce and meats when we buy in bulk. Sometimes that’s buying a whole cow while other times, it’s cruising the aisles at the warehouse shopping clubs. We love healthy deals and love sharing our fave finds at Costco!

In Shopping the Warehouse Clubs Wellness Way Style, you will find 23 of or favorite warehouse club staples that are on our shopping list. Unfortunately with Costco some deals pop in and pop out and some are never to be seen again. Since that article was posted, a few more have been added to our list to watch out for and we had to share our fave finds at Costco. Especially after this first one was spotted at Costco.

8 Fave Finds at Costco

1 – Siete Chips

This is our favorite recent shopping jackpot. If you haven’t tried Siete Chips, then you should. They are grain free which makes them allergy friendly and they have clean ingredients. This giant bag is made with avocado oil while most chips are made with oils that are horrible for you. If you have ever bought a bag, you know they can be a little expensive. They are often sold for about $5 for a 5-ounce bag and even though they taste good there is a bit of disappointment when that the bag is mostly filled with air. We just found the 12-ounce bag at Costco for $6.79! They taste great with our guacamole or spinach dip.

2 – Green Beginnings Organic Juice Pouches

Water will always be the best drink choice. Parents know that juice isn’t good for kids. Many juices are contaminated with pesticides and can have more sugar than a serving of soda. There are occasions that call for a juice pouch and these save the day. So, if your child is sick and needs liquids or it’s a special occasion, it’s a good idea to have these on hand. They are made with juice and coconut water. They have no added sugars with only 7 grams of sugar compared to the 20 grams of sugar in a pouch of Capri Sun on the next shelf over.

3 – Namaste Gluten-free Flour Blend

A clean diet means a lot of cooking and baking at home. The cost of gluten-free flour can be daunting when you see that it’s $9 for a 3 -pound bag. Health is worth it, but we also like to save money when we can. Namaste Gluten-free flour blend has been seen at Costco for $9.99 for a 5-pound bag. We go through it fast! Try it in these chocolate cupcakes with maple bacon glaze.

4 – Banza Rotini Pasta

Noodles! No gluten free noodle can compare to the gluten ones but these come pretty close in shape and texture. Plus, they are made with chickpeas, so they are loaded with protein. They can cost around $4 for an 8-ounce box at the grocery store and we have gotten 40 ounces for 8 bucks at Costco. That’s an extra 24 ounces for buying in bulk.

5 – Organic Almond Milk

Non-dairy milk is another smoothie must-have and it’s a no-brainer to have a case of it on hand at all times. A lot of people forget to make sure that their milk alternative is organic and unsweetened. This one has you covered on both counts.

6 – Wildbrine Sauerkraut

Fermented foods are full of great probiotics that naturally support a healthy microbiome. You want to make sure you are looking in the refrigerated aisle for your fermented products like sauerkraut. It can get a little pricey but at Costco you can get a 50-ounce tub for 8 bucks. This deal will make you and your gut happy!

7 – Avocado Chunks

We love our healthy fats, and avocados are a great way to get healthy fat. We have all waited patiently for an avocado to ripen and had it get overripe on us before we realized it was even ripe. Frozen chunks of avocado are a great way to have avocado on hand to add to your smoothies and other recipes. The do have a sour flavor, so they aren’t good alone but are great blended in a recipe. Try our Berry Yummy Smoothie or the Happy Hormone Chunky Monkey Smoothie. They might even be good in this chocolate avocado bread.

8 – Organic No-salt Seasoning

This seasoning is a blend of 21 seasonings that taste so good. When we are in a pinch for a fast version of our favorite ranch recipe, we use this seasoning in place of the spices. Two things to note. First –  it’s a lot of spices so make sure none of them are on your allergy list. Pepper is a common one that is in this seasoning blend. Second – there is no salt so be sure to add your own. It’s good to be salty!

Save Money with These Healthy Deals and Finds at Costco

If you can, it is best to try the products out before you buy them in bulk. Because let’s face it not everyone wants to get their probiotics from sauerkraut. Buying in bulk can make your healthy, organic lifestyle a little easier on the wallet. Healthy deals aren’t so awesome if you don’t use them. Check out our 23 other faves and remember that the extra effort will be worth it in the long run. Happy shopping!