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At A Glance:

  • Fauci suggests approval to come from the FDA by month’s end.
  • Biden hopes for approval this fall.
  • Vaccine advocates urge approval will overcome hesitancy.
  • AAP urges approval for children before studies complete.

The FDA is receiving pressure from many directions to approve the COVID vaccines fully. Currently, they remain under EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).

Dr. Tony Fauci said, “(I’m) hopeful the Food and Drug Administration will give full approval to the coronavirus vaccine by month’s end.”1   He went on to say:

“If that’s the case, you’re going to see the empowerment of local enterprises, giving mandates. That could be colleges, universities, places of business–a whole variety, and I strongly support that. The time has come…we’ve got to go the extra step to get people vaccinated.”1

President Joe Biden also commented at a Town Hall meeting in Ohio:

“My expectation talking to the group of scientists we put together, over 20 of them plus others in the field, is that sometime maybe in the beginning of the school year, at the end of August, beginning of September, October, they’ll get a final approval.” 2

Approval for Vaccine Hesitancy

Some are hoping that FDA approval would automatically encourage some of those who’ve chosen not to, to get the vaccine:

“Dr. Ali Mokdad with University of Washington Medicine Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation said Pfizer getting the ultimate ‘green light’ would sway those who are unvaccinated to get their shot.

“It will make a big difference, so I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked, ‘if you are so confident about a vaccine, why doesn’t it have full authorization?'” Mokdad said. “It will create a lot of confidence in this vaccine that it’s safe and effective.”3

There is little evidence to prove this would be the case. Many, in fact, are pretty certain about their decision to remain unvaccinated.4 It may lead to more unlawful mandates and requirements, but that doesn’t mean that people will suddenly believe it’s safe and choose it on their own volition.

Approval for Children

Recently the FDA asked Moderna and Pfizer to increase the number of children in the trial to assess the risks of side effects.

The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics raised a concern this would delay approval:

“Beers said the AAP was worried that the recent FDA decision to double the children participating in the vaccine trials would delay the timing for a vaccine at a critical time and that ‘the data is there’ with the current cohort for the FDA to act very soon.”5


Hold the Phone — Doc’s Thoughts:

Listening to the news, you’d think the goal is to rush approval so that the vaccines are suddenly “safe and effective.” We’ve already told you, they aren’t.  They think approval will make people overcome their hesitancy. The strategy is to make it easier to enforce mandates. But we’re still missing the key factor. Approval does not make them safe, nor effective.

We’ve heard from scientists involved with the creation of the vaccine speaking out about the dangers and ineffectiveness of these vaccines. The FDA has been petitioned to slow down. Yet the call is for approval to push through. It doesn’t seem to matter that myocarditis, blood clots, Guillain-Barre Syndrome are all now associated with these vaccines.

According to VAERS, there are over 545,000 adverse events reported, including 12,366 deaths and over 14,251 permanently disabled. That doesn’t include the heart attacks, miscarriages, and so many other injuries.

There has been all this yelling, “follow the science!” urging people to get the vaccine, wear the mask, stay home, etc. The science is gone. They literally broke the control group by giving them the option to take the vaccine. The long-term, follow-up studies (results aren’t due until 2022-2023)7,8 will be without comparison to the same control group.6

Did you also notice that the president of the AAP is pushing to forgo looking at the new information that may have been brought in by doubling the pediatric study? Who needs to follow science? Just enroll more kids without looking at the results!3 In fact, it was reported:

The FDA also isn’t likely to require an extended period of safety data collection for the younger age group, a consideration that the FDA ultimately decided wasn’t necessary so long as more children were enrolled in the trial.3

Still trying to follow their “science”…but I’m not seeing it. It actually looks more like they’re invalidating or ignoring science just to get a rubber stamp that supposedly reflects science!

What I do know is that we need to follow real science. We need to listen to people who are willing to speak up. Look for answers. But most of all, fight for your medical freedoms! Stand up and exercise informed consent. Ask the doctors and employers who may be trying to influence you to take the vaccine the hard questions. Do they know all of the risks? Are they able to cover your medical expenses if you were to have an adverse reaction? To care for your family? The answer, of course, is no. If they are unwilling to take on the responsibility, they do not get to have an opinion in your health care choices. You are a human with dignity, autonomy and “endowed by (y)our Creator.”










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