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At A Glance:

  • Nurses and other healthcare workers uniting to fight mandates.
  • 3 major airlines not requiring their employees to vaccinate.
  • Colleges and universities facing pushback, lawsuits and Supreme Court appeals.

Many professionals are finding themselves in a tough position: take one of the COVID vaccines (which are still only approved under Emergency Use Authorization), lose their job, or agree to excessive testing and masking. But some are winning their battles with medical freedoms!

Earlier this summer, nurses and other healthcare workers spoke out against company mandated vaccines at Houston Methodist hospital system. With lawsuits, exemptions filed, peaceful protests, and letters to the CEO, frontline healthcare workers held their ground. One hundred and fifty-three of last year’s heroes were either terminated or lost their jobs with Houston Methodist in June.1

Since that time, it seems there have been a flood of hospitals, cities, states, colleges, universities, sports franchises, and more placing demands on their employees and students to either get the vaccine or live under restrictive and excessive demands.

We’ve shared several articles regarding colleges and universities, the military, cities like NYC, states like California, and federal agencies like the VA and the mandates they are trying to impose.

There’s HOPE for Medical Freedoms!

Recently there have been a number of employers that haven’t instituted the seemingly faddish mandates. There are three major airlines, including Delta, American Airlines, and Southwest that aren’t mandating their employees to get the vaccine. So far, only United Airlines is mandating the vaccine for their employees.2

There are nurses who are receiving their rightful religious exemptions. Nearly 75 percent of hospital systems are not yet requiring their heroes of last year to accept this vaccine.3 This news is hard to find, but it’s out there!

Steele Memorial Hospital in Salmon, Idaho hasn’t required its employees to receive the vaccine. CEO, Jeanie Gentry, said:

“Our culture here in Salmon is very independent. When it comes to vaccines — nobody likes to be told they have to do something. So instead, we’ve taken a rather educational sort of approach with our employees.”4

Colleges and universities are also getting pushback from their students and faculty. George Mason University has a lawsuit filed by a law professor. Professor Todd Zywicki is arguing that his natural immunity is sufficient. To get the vaccine, he’d take all of the risk with no benefit.5

Students in Indiana have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.6 These young people are rising up and becoming more involved in their communities and political processes to seek a positive change and stand up for their freedoms.

Several states have banned the requirement for proof of vaccination, mask mandates, and other freedom restricting rules and regulations to some degree (some entirely).7

Hold the Phone — Doc’s Thoughts:

On Tuesday, we participated in a Freedom Rally here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are being held, not only all over the U.S., but all over the world! People in France, Italy, and Greece have all spoken out against the COVID passports or passes. Local and main-stream media sources are downplaying the turnouts, but trust me, people are pulling together! And when you find the real images, there are more people than you would expect.

Three major airlines are potentially seeing the light. Vote with your dollars!

I know sometimes school pride and the hopes and plans of a young adult may lie with a certain school. But understand this. They aren’t taking the same consideration of pride and loyalty as you are if they are requiring you to get the vaccine or leave the school! Many good schools are not requiring the vaccine and would be happy to have you. There are plenty of good jobs available that won’t require you to submit to their baseless requirements for vaccines that are neither safe nor effective. The vaccines are actually failing!

I know sometimes it may seem disheartening. But we can’t grow weary. All it takes for the forces of evil to take over are for the good to do nothing. So, what can you do? Start somewhere. Download our Freedom Documents to stand up against masking your children in schools. Join a local group advocating medical freedoms. In Wisconsin, we like to partner with Wisconsin United for Freedom. Choose with your dollars where you shop, which airlines you fly, which restaurants you’ll dine in. Contact your local elected. Remember, they work for you and represent YOU! If you don’t speak up, how can they represent? Know your state and local laws, and either thank them or join in the fight to get them passed at your local level. In our nation, the power belongs in the hands of the states, not the federal government, according to the Constitution. Just because they are bigger doesn’t mean they are supposed to have more power!

There are nurse and healthcare workers united in online and in app platforms. Yes, unfortunately some of the largest are being censored, but keep looking, they are out there! Police, fire, and EMS all have groups fighting. If we unite with them, if we support them, we’ll have these wonderful public service agencies to be there when we need to pick up the phone and call on them. And, if we can hold the line, we can also help our military. They’ve stood for our freedoms, now it’s time for us to help them and stand for theirs!









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