Finding a doctor online has never been easier. With clinics using online platforms to reach new patients, patients have been able to find the doctor online that fits their unique needs. Whether that’s finding a doctor or practitioner by location, by specialty, or by referral, online access has created a more user-centric approach to health and wellbeing over the insurance driven model.

In recent years, more and more doctors, nurses, and clinics have become available through phone and video conferencing. As people have started finding our doctors online, they’ve quickly adopted and appreciated the flexibility of using technology to reach the best doctors to suit their needs. Now, people are freer than ever to find a doctor online before going through several false starts and referrals as they would have in the past.

Some factors to consider as you begin your search to finding doctors online are:

Communication methods:

Would you prefer a doctor who utilizes a video conferencing platform, or phone calls? Would you prefer someone local so that you can more easily have an in-person appointment, or would you prefer to find a doctor who utilizes online technology to meet appointment needs.

Services Available:

Will you have to go to a clinic for some of your needs, or can labs be done conveniently in your home? Blood samples may require a visit to an outside lab, but many others including saliva, urine, and stool can easily be done in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Type of Care:

Are you looking for a doctor who will treat acute symptoms or are you looking for a doctor who will look to correct the root of a chronic health problem? This may be a tricky factor to assess online but knowing the doctor’s focus will help you assess whether or not you have found the correct doctor to suit your health goals and needs.

We Do Health Differently!

While this seemingly new approach has opened the eyes of the public just recently, it’s something we at The Wellness Way have been doing for years! As a single clinic in Green Bay, Wisconsin we saw the need and began helping patients around the world using technology. Patients began finding our doctors online well before the recent trend.

With our dynamic team of Wellness Way doctors and clinics all over the US and now expanding globally, we are able to serve people without concern of distance and borders. Whether it’s a doctor in Florida with patients in California, or a nurse practitioner in Green Bay with patients in Africa, finding a doctor or practitioner online has virtually opened clinics around the globe. After all, We Do Health Differently!