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Wellness Wish List: 52 of Our Favorite Things

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Are you shopping for someone who is a health nut like us or do you want to build your own wish list of awesome finds for a healthy lifestyle? We love sharing some of our favorite products. It makes the healthy lifestyle easier for others and it’s fun to share our awesome finds. Oprah has her list of favorite things so we should too! So, we asked The Wellness Way Team across the country what they were getting for those on their nice list and what they were hoping to find under the Christmas tree. They had lots of great gift ideas! We knew they would!

Lots of the ideas come from the kitchen because we love foods and we spend some time in the kitchen prepping healthy, yummy meals. Great products make that easier! We also have a lot of products on our wish list for reducing chemicals and for reducing stress on the body.  We included links and prices to some options but be sure to do some research too. Prices and ingredients change so always do a double check. This list will give you a great head start on your gift search!

52 Gift Ideas to Make Santa’s Job Easier

Gifts for Under $10

1 – Stainless Steel Straws – These reusable straws are good for the planet and good for people making them a perfect gift. This set in various sizes is great too! $7.99

2 – Lily’s Dark ChocolateGive a healthy snack. Yes, chocolate is good for you! As long as you are getting good dark chocolate that hasn’t had the nutrients cooked out of it and doesn’t have all the additives. $6.99- $12

3 – Veggimins CBD Dark Chocolate Bar  Dark chocolate plus the benefits of CBD. This the Veggimens CBD Chocolate Bar a great Secret Santa gift. $5.99

4 – Car Diffuser Vent Clip There are so many harmful chemicals in your standard air freshener. Essential oils are better! Show someone you love them with this car diffuser. $8.99 Or get a 2-pack and keep one for yourself!

5 – Extra Long Phone Charging Cord –  Nobody wants to miss out on any of the great content we are putting out… and we put out a lot. An extra long phone charging cord keeps everyone charged up. Make sure you know the model of their iphone or android. $9.99

Gifts For Under $20

6 – Blue Light Blocking Glasses Another great gift for the person who is straining their eyes by being on the computer all the time. Various styles and can be found at a low cost. $12.99

7 – Cute Mittens – You can never go wrong with cute cozy mittens.

8 – Natural MascaraIt can be a glorious splurge and a great gift. A cleaner upgrade means healthier more beautiful eyes. We had so much fun testing out 8 different natural mascaras and one of our faves was 100% Pure because of the heavenly smell. $12 – $30

9 – healthy gift ideasBulletproof CoffeeCoffee has so many benefits as long as you are getting good organic, mold-free coffee. A favorite around our offices is Bulletproof Coffee. $14.99

10 – Pure Epsom Salts  Epsom salts have so many benefits for a relaxing bath and all the magnesium your body absorbs. Many salts have other chemicals and fragrance that your body will absorb. Blech! Get pure epsom salts for a healthier gift! $15.99

11 – Mason Jars – There are so many uses for mason jars that they make a great gift. Make your salads in advance, perfect for bone broth, or use for your smoothies. Did you know a standard mouth mason jar will fit in place of the pitcher on most blenders? These are a game changer for smoothie prep! $17.25

12 – Stainless Steel Tumbler – Keeps hot things hot and cold things cold for those on the go. $17.95

13 – Balance Disc – A balance disc promotes core stability, strengthens muscle tone, improves balance and body posture. We love good posture around here! $17.99

14 – Clean Shampoo and Face Scrub – Check out our Cleaner Hair Products and Face Scrub Articles to find out why a clean products are such a treat. The team made some great suggestions like Acure and Body Deli. $7-$20

15 – Himalayan Salt Lamp – There are so many benefits of having a salt lamp. They help purify the air and $19.99

Gifts $20 – $50

16 – Organic Tea – Tea, like coffee, is sprayed with so many pesticides. That’s why we love organic teas.  Try Numi or Rishi

17 – Organic Wine and Spirits – There can be so many harmful chemicals and pesticides in our favorite wine and spirits. Check out our article to find healthier upgrades.

18 – Medicinal Mushrooms – We love medicinal mushrooms around here for all of their healthy benefits! We recently fell in love with theses cocoas and coffees from Four Sigmatic. Try the sampler pack to find a favorite! $20- $25

19 – Cacao Butter – We love the healthy benefits of cacao. It can be used in your favorite recipes or warm it up for a massage to get all the amazing benefits. Make sure it is real cacao with no unhealthy additives! Our favorite option is Sunfoods Cacao Butter. $24.99

20 – Glass Storage Containers –  We love our glass storage containers around here and it seems like you can never have enough! They are great for leftovers, bringing lunches, and food prepping. $23.99

21 – Mini Crock Pot –  This is perfect for heating up lunches and avoiding the microwaves at work! And, yeah, we found it in lime-green and grey. $23

22 – Spiralizer – Make veggies fun again with this vegetable blade and spiralizer! Zoodles make every dish better and gluten-free fun. $20.55

23 – Hydro Flask – Stay hydrated and stay cool with the Hydro Flask. $25 – $35

24 – Anavia Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace  – Beautiful and functional these are a great gift for someone special on your nice list. $25.99

25 – Essential Oils – Know someone who is interested in the healing benefits of essential oils? Make sure to get high quality essential oils. DoTERRA is one of those responsibly sourced and high quality brands. This introductory kit is perfect for someone who is just getting started. $26.67

26 – Beekeeper’s Naturals Raw Honey Flight We are always buzzin’ about honey and this Beekeeper’s Naturals Raw Honey Flight makes a great gift. $29.99

27 – Toaster Oven – Microwaves that suck nutrients are out and tasty, whole foods cooked in a toaster oven are in. $29.99

28 – Boroux Glass Bottle – This nontoxic glass bottle is sleek and perfect for water or get fancy with smoothies or cocktails. It’s better for the environment and it holds 1 liter so it will keep a body hydrated. $29.99

29 – Non-inflammatory Diet Book – This book combines years of research and education that helps patients reduce inflammation and begin to heal. This is a stocking stuffer that could change a life! $29.95

30 – Matcha Latte Kit – Combine organic matcha tea with a mug, small jar of honey, and an electric cup mixer so your secret santa can make green tea lattes at home.

31 – Hidrate Spark Water Bottle – This water bottle tracks your water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated! $44.95

Gifts $50 -$100healthy gift ideas

32 – Gift Certificates for Relaxation- You just can’t go wrong with massage gift certificates. If you want to think outside the box a little try a gift certificate for floating, a salt room, reflexology, or infrared sauna. $50 and up

33 – Yoga or Pilates Membership – A yoga or pilates membership might be that something extra special that a person wouldn’t buy for themselves. Treat someone! $50 and up

34 – Cast Iron Cookware – Oftentimes cookware is full of chemicals and you use it up to 3 times a day! Cast iron is a great upgrade that also helps boost your iron! $69.95

35 – Grounding Pillow Case – Grounding has so many health benefits! The earth is full of energy and electrons your body can take up to balance your electrical frequency. This pillow case set is great for the person who doesn’t get their feet on the earth enough. $75

36 – Ullo Wine Purifier – If we don’t have one, it is on our wish list. Don’t worry about the impurities in your wine when this amazing filter takes out the sulfites and sediments. Because not every bar has a quality organic wine list. $79.99

37 – Veggie Bullet – Spiralize, shred, and slice your way to healthier meals with a Veggie Bullet. $97.17

38 – Air Fryer – Sometimes you just want fried foods. The air fryer helps fill that want and  cooking at home you can use healthy oils.  $99

39 – CBD Oil – There are so many uses for CBD oil and of course we know who offers the highest quality CBD oil on the market. $99- $225

Gifts $100-$200

40 – Bellabeat Leaf – We know a few of Santa’s elves who have this wellness and fitness tracker on their wish list! $111

41 – Organic Bed Sheets – Fall asleep soundly with comfy, organic sheets. $114

42 – memonizerWIRELESS EMF Protection Device – For the person who is always on their phone or laptop… Memon protection devices harmonize electromagnetic radiation from their wireless device to protect their health. $115

43 – Weighted Blanket – Does someone on your list need a good night’s sleep? A weighted blanket might be what they are dreaming of. $125

44 – Wine Cooler – Every girl and boy needs a place to put their organic wines. $135+

45 – Q-link Bracelets – Do you know someone who wants protection against harmful EMFs and a way to support healthy resonance? Find stylish and functional bracelets from Q-link. $135- $205

46 – KitchenAid Mixer – Once you start cooking and baking all those wholesome meals you realize the value of a quality mixer. $189.99

Gifts $200+

47 – Big Berkey –  Go BIG or go home!  A gift they will use every day to purify their water from the extra chemicals and other impurities. $292.60

48 – Allergy Test – Do you know someone who is always sick? Maybe they get headaches all the time, have stomach issues, or other chronic illness. Many people have food allergies that are making them sick and they don’t even know it. Getting healthy is a pretty special gift! $350

49 – Xtrema Cookware 100% Ceramic Cookware That Is Versatile, Durable & Safe. This is an awesome cookware upgrade! You can add a piece every year or get the set. Use promo code TWWSHIP for free shipping on your order! $40- $559

50 – Vitamix Blender –  A great blender is a game changer! Vitamix has a range of options to check out and bonus they are self cleaning. $400- $700

51 – Air Purifier – We spend 90% of our time indoors so air quality is important! Check out the Air Doctor or Molekule. $499- $800

52 – Infrared Sauna –  One of our favorite things for empowering wellness is the most effective infrared therapy available. We love Sunlighten saunas! If Santa’s sack is big enough… Call our rep, Alicia Botyrius, for sales at (913) 890-2821 and use promo code TWWGREENBAY for $100 off!

Santa Needs a Bigger Sleigh

Did you find some gifts for those on your nice list? We also love to make our own gifts. My wife, Christy, loves to make homemade gifts for a personal touch. Jars of homemade healthy goods, like pesto, salsa, cookie dough, and caramels are her favorites to make.

Did you add a few to your own wellness wish list? You know there will be a few people who want to know what you are wishing for! You have to be ready. It’s about time we had a list of our favorite things! Poor Santa is going to need a bigger sleigh.

We want to hear about your healthy gift ideas too. If you need a laugh check out our 6 WTF Gifts That Shouldn’t Be Under the Tree! Keep spreading the cheer and healthy ideas!

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn


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    Now I want a Himalayan salt lamp.

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