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Goji Berries, also known as wolfberries, are getting more recognition as a super fruit due to their abundant vitamins, nutrients, and numerous health benefits. The use of superfruits and superfoods has been on the rise, and extensive research shows promising health benefits from the antioxidants and phytochemicals found in these foods. [1] The goji berry stands out for its remarkable content of these beneficial compounds.

A Little Background on Goji Berries

Native to Asia, goji berries travel a long way to be your perfect snack. They’ve been used for over 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to promote a long life. Resembling cherry tomatoes while on the shrub, these plump berries, scientifically known as Lycium barbarum L., have a striking appearance. Although the majority of commercial production occurs in China, making it challenging to obtain them fresh. But no worries! They are readily available in dried form. In this raisin-like state, goji berries taste like a blend of dried cherries and cranberries.

Add dried goji berries to your trail mix. It’s easy! The Flynn daughters always make their own trail mix and add these super berries. Wellness Way practitioners want to see you eating superfoods to help you get healthy and stay healthy. Why supplement when you can get what your body needs from food? We’d rather see you get nutrients from food than supplements, especially when getting through a delicious snack is so simple. Goji Berries are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. They’re high in carotenoids, with more beta carotene (vitamin A precursor) than a carrot. They’re also higher in vitamin C than an orange. But that’s not all. There’s more! Check out the super benefits below!

7 Super Health Benefits of Goji Berries

1) Full of Amino Acids 

This plump berry contains 19 of 20 amino acids and all 8 of the essential amino acids for adults. Essential amino acids are the ones your body can’t make on its own, so you need to get them from your food. Goji berries also contain the amino acids L-arginine and l-glutamine. Your body makes these amino acids, but you might not be making enough if you’re ill or have been putting your body through chronic stress.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play a critical role in almost every bodily process. Some amino acids regulate hormones, protect your heart, play a part in metabolism, and more. It’s crucial to make sure they’re a part of your diet.

2) The Berry With Protein

While they’re not particularly high in protein when compared to protein-rich foods like meat, eggs, or legumes, in the context of fruits, goji berries have a moderate amount of protein and are considered a good source of amino acids. A handful (5 tablespoons) of goji berries can give us 4 grams of protein. That’s more than the protein in bee pollen, which is known for its protein content.

Having a predominately plant-based diet is extremely important, and these berries help you get your protein in. Plants can be so boring, but not if you add fun ones like goji berries. Just because we know plants are good for us doesn’t mean we want to eat salads all the time.

3) Boosts Human Growth Hormone Production

Sufficient HGH can support longevity, performance, and overall well-being. Goji berries are a nutrient-rich natural way to support the production of HGH. They also stimulate the pineal gland to support the production of HGH.

4) A Berry With Fatty Acids?

This berry is unique for a fruit. It is high in fatty acids! Are you trying to get more healthy fats in your diet? Healthy fats are important for energy and cell growth. The goji berry plays an important role as a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids with a good polyunsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids ratio. [2]

5) Lots of Trace Minerals

It’s got 21 trace minerals, including germanium and selenium. It has more iron than spinach. Goji berries are known as a great source for trace minerals and studies have shown they have great bio-accessibility. One study looked at copper, zinc and manganese availability in the goji berry and found compounds in goji berries likely make the elements more bioavailable for humans. [3] Trace minerals like zinc and selenium are essential for healthy immune function.

6) Antioxidants To Help You Age Well

Lots of research has been done on the antioxidant qualities of goji berries. The high antioxidant levels are the reason this berry has such a reputation for anti-aging. You know Doc doesn’t think anything is truly anti-aging, but there are ways to help you age well. Foods with a high level of antioxidant activity like goji berries, blueberries, and dark chocolate are an excellent way to do that.

Goji Berries are loaded with beta-carotene and phenolic compounds along with other antioxidants that help protect your heart, skin, brain, and liver from degeneration. The beta-carotene is responsible for the red-orange pigment. Numerous studies have demonstrated goji berries have an important role in improving eye health, slowing the aging process, and supporting the immune system. [4] Zeaxanthin accumulates in the retina, so getting plenty of this antioxidant in the diet may protect against age-related macular degeneration. [5]

Protect yourself from oxidative stress and age well with a snack from the health food store!

7) Betaine is a Super Component

Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), is one of the functional components that makes goji berries so super. It’s an amino acid recognized for its anti-aging effects and for capacity for disease prevention. It fights free radicals and supports the methylation process by building methyl groups.

Getting rid of toxins is important for aging well and preventing disease. Methylation is a critical process for every cell in your body:

  • Helps with detox
  • Protects the liver
  • Protects your skin
  • Fantastic for the brain
  • Helps keep estrogen in a safe form

When you eat goji berries on regular basis you not only get high dense nutrients, but you also consistently and slowly build methyl groups. Snacking can help remove toxins! [4][6]

Potential Side Effects of Goji Berry

Goji berries are generally considered safe for healthy adults and children. The only potential side effects are due to allergic reactions, medication interactions, and overeating them during pregnancy. Check with your healthcare practitioner if you’re pregnant or on a blood thinner like warfarin. Those on blood pressure medications, blood thinners, diabetes drugs, and meds for tachycardia should also exercise caution. Goji berries are known to reduce blood glucose and promote circulation, so combining them with these medications may be dangerous if taken in larger or more concentrated amounts.

Goji Berries are a Superfood and a Super Snack

Goji berries have thousands of years of building a reputation for promoting vibrant health and healthy aging. Now with science we can see how extensive the benefits are and how food can help us get healthy and stay healthy. Here are some ideas for incorporating goji berries into your diet:

  • Add the dried berries to homemade granola
  • Order Acai bowls with goji berries on top
  • Soak dried berries and blend them into smoothies
  • Blend powdered berries into smoothies or shakes
  • Make a Chinese medicine soup that includes the dried berries
  • Enjoy them on top of chia pudding
  • Try this homemade cacao bark with goji berries

It’s easier than ever for us to have access to these superfoods. There are many great companies you can get this superfood from. Think of how hard it was to get foods like goji berries 30 years ago. Now we can order online! Healthy foods are at our fingertips. Find our favorite brand and form and get it delivered to you. Local for organic goji berries without added sugar or preservatives. You’ll find the dried fruits, goji berry juice, goji berry supplements, and goji berry extract. All the health benefits and graceful aging qualities can be at your door shortly.

With all the dense nutrients in one place, you can cut down on your caloric intake and snack your way to health with this superfood.

Check out Dr. Patrick Flynn’s Goji Berries Quick Tip for more!

Originally posted March 16, 2018. Updated August 3, 2023.


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