Police raiding a family home with guns because of a fever sounds too crazy to be true, but as you can see in the original article from NBC News this is exactly what happened to one family. In February, Arizona parents were advised by a doctor to take their 2-year-old child into the emergency room after they brought their feverish child to a clinic. When they got home the fever had broke, so they chose not to take the child to the emergency room. Just as many parents would.

According to NBC News:

“When the doctor found out the child had never made it to the hospital, the doctor called DCS who contacted the Chandler Police Department.”

When the police arrived in the middle of the night, the father says he let them know that the fever had broke.

According to NBC News:

“They said ‘Brooks, you have to come out of your house right now … We have to check on them,’ and I said, ‘he’s doing fine, his temperature is 100 degrees. He’s safe, he’s asleep, could you please just leave us alone’”

What happened next sounds more traumatic for children than the natural fever, which is the body’s natural defense to heal the body.

As reported by NBC News:

“I mean, they treated us like criminals, busting in our door. I mean, I don’t know what kind of trauma that did to my kids. Where are my kids right now is what I want to know,” Beck said.”

A Parent Knows Best for Medical Choices

Three of the couple’s children were taken from the home in February and have not been returned yet. It is the end of March! How traumatic do you think being separated from their parents and under government placement might be? How long will the fear of this experience haunt the three children? We know how harmful stress on developing children can be. This should strike fear into every parent’s heart- the idea that their child could be taken from them because of a blatant overstep of government.

A fever is the body’s natural response to pathogens, and there is nothing to fear from a fever. We have discussed this frequently in past articles and videos. Not to mention that this child’s fever was going down.  It really comes down to who knows best for a child? The government or the parents? The fear comes as we give away our rights to medical choice. How much of our freedom of choice do we give away? When we give away our freedom that’s when the government will knock down our doors and take our children away. It sounds harsh, but it’s exactly what happened here. We need to keep government out of a parent’s medical choices.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

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