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July 3, 2021 – This week on A Different Perspective, Dr. Patrick Flynn celebrates Independence Day weekend with a discussion on healthcare freedom and the importance of fighting for health freedoms.

Dr. Patrick Flynn opens the episode with a thank you to all past, present, and future military servicemen, servicewomen, and law enforcement, recognizing that our freedoms are not free. We have our independence today because of these brave individuals.

Health freedoms are an important issue for members of the military as well. A study has shown higher than expected rates of myocarditis (heart inflammation) in military personnel. While the government says the vaccine is “safe and effective” and spends 3 billion dollars of taxpayer money to fund a private company’s creation of vaccines, there are military members experiencing heart inflammation because they’ve been forced to do something that is damaging to their bodies.

Dr. Patrick Flynn makes the important point: When there is a risk, there must be a choice. That’s freedom.

Choices give people the opportunity to evaluate all of the information, make their decisions, and deal with the consequences.

Politics and Health Freedoms

Dr. Patrick Flynn states that he stands with politicians who fight for the protection of civil liberties. When it comes to your health choices, ask yourself this question:

Who should make the health decisions for your family: you or the government?

Political parties aside, the common ground we can stand on is that we all should have the right to make our own choices. What those choices are may be influenced by party lines, etc., but fundamentally we should have the ability to make our choices for our bodies ourselves, not have them dictated by the government.

It is important to observe that currently the government is doing nothing to help those who have been injured by the COVID vaccine. Though they have spent 3 billion dollars on advertising, they are doing nothing for those who they have hurt. Celebrating Independence Day is not just about celebrating the freedom we have. It’s about watching out for the people and organizations who are trying to take our freedoms away through misleading, coercing, and deceiving.

Dr. Patrick Flynn cites the CDC and VAERS websites to show that more children age 0-18 have been damaged by the vaccine than have died from COVID. Among youth, the COVID vaccine is causing more damage than COVID itself.

Again, there should always be a choice when there is a risk.

Interview with Tara Czachor

Dr. Patrick Flynn then goes on to interview Tara Czachor, director of Wisconsin United for Freedom, an organization committed to defending health freedom in the state of Wisconsin.

She shares her story and how her experience with the flu shot put her on a path of looking at things relating to healthcare in an alternative way.

Wisconsin United for Freedom was born out of the 2019 bill introduced by Rep. Gordon Hintz that sought to remove personal exemptions for vaccines for school children and daycare children in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin United for Freedom came together organically as a group of freedom-fighting moms seeking freedom of choice, informed consent, and protection for exemptions. Tara Czachor states that exemptions are being targeted right now with a big push from the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Patrick Flynn notes that “exemption” equates to your freedom to choose. Those exemptions should never be threatened; that is not freedom.

Wisconsin United for Freedom advocates for informed choice and giving people both sides of the story so that they can know the risks and make the best choice for themselves and their families. They also seek to highlight stories of the vaccine-injured that otherwise would not be given a platform.

Dr. Patrick Flynn states that Tara Czachor does not get paid for her work with the organization. She fights for the freedoms of others with no personal financial benefit. It is a selfless act of service motivated by her desire to see moms educated and equipped with what they need to act on behalf of their family’s health freedoms.

Get Involved

Follow Wisconsin United for Freedom’s Facebook page. Join the page to stay informed regarding bills in legislation and steps to take to protect vaccine exemptions and other healthcare freedoms.

Wisconsin United for Freedom’s website is also an excellent resource for educational posters and printables, including the No Dose Schedule, which points out the difference in vaccine dosages over the years. In 1960, there were three doses given from birth to 18. Today there are 69 doses given.

The 1986 vaccine injury act began protecting manufacturers and giving them zero liability for vaccine injuries and deaths. This caused the amount of vaccines administered to skyrocket in the years that followed.

Final Statement

Dr. Patrick Flynn closes the show by giving a tip regarding troponin testing. Troponin is marker that is measured to detect heart damage. It is not usually found in the blood of healthy individuals. When the heart muscle becomes damaged, troponin is released into the bloodstream. Detection of high levels of troponin are typically markers of an individual having recently had a heart attack. It is also a marker of myocarditis.

Measuring troponin levels will detect heart damage, even if you have no presenting symptoms. Some people will get a vaccine and see no symptoms right away, but may still be experiencing organ damage.

Dr. Patrick Flynn ends with once again presenting a question for consideration: Who should make healthcare decisions for you and your family? You or the government?

The choice is yours.


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