The holidays are getting near and it’s time to spread some holiday cheer! There are plenty of healthy gift ideas you can buy, but there is something special about a gift you make. Need ideas for healthy DIY Christmas gifts or holiday presents? Healthier, homemade gifts don’t have to be complicated. We have some great ideas on our website and here is a list of great DIY gifts you can easily make for your family and friends.

By making your own gifts you can avoid questionable, toxic ingredients and customize to avoid common allergens (and the uncommon ones too). Healthy, homemade gifts are also infused with love and a practice in gratitude. You might enjoy common health benefits of gratitude when you let someone know how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful gift.

Be sure to get festive with wrapping your healthy, homemade gifts. Find some glass jars and add some holiday ribbon or twine. You can always add some greenery or an ornament. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s talk healthier, homemade gift ideas and where to find the recipes first. Some of these are healthier options than others and always check for your allergens.

9 Healthier, Homemade Gifts

  1. Coconut Body Butter
  2. Seasoning Set
  3. Cookies or Baked Treats
  4. Luscious Lemon Curd
  5. Peppermint Chocolate Bark
  6. Glazed Nuts
  7. Face Cream
  8. No-sugar Apple Butter
  9. Holiday Marshmallows

1) Coconut Oil Body Butter

This luxurious body butter recipe doesn’t have the toxins of many common body butters. You get to choose the scents. For a holiday gift you might choose peppermint, orange, or something woodsy. You can also go with any of your favorite essential oils for a custom gift.

2) Seasoning Set

You can make one or make all of these great seasonings for a wonderful gift that doesn’t have ambiguous ingredients like spice or natural flavoring. If they can’t say what it is then I don’t want it. Making your own spices also makes it easier to avoid allergies. In our recipes section you can find these recipes: Italian Seasoning RubBackyard BBQ Rub, Homemade Poultry Rub, Homemade Taco Seasoning, Homemade Chili Powder, and a Homemade Beef/Pork Rub.

Cut-out Cookie Recipe

3) Cookies or Baked Treats

Holiday cookies are a given as a great gift and Santa will love this cookie recipe with frosting. Whether they are on a plate or in a bag with a bow they will be appreciated, and you will have to tell everyone they are healthier because they won’t notice. We have lots of other dessert recipes that make great gifts.

4) Luscious Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is a unique gift and this version from our desserts recipes is a healthier option. There is even a vegan lemon curd version if you are looking for that. Both are great to go along with so many recipes or as a stand-alone gift.

peppermint bark

5) Peppermint Chocolate Bark

This easy peppermint chocolate bark recipe requires no baking. and it looks so cheerful with organic candy canes on top.

glazed nuts recipe

6) Glazed Nuts

You have to look very carefully at the ingredients on nuts to avoid toxic oils, unwanted sugars, flavor enhancers and other unwanted ingredients. Making your own allows you to avoid those unwanted ingredients while making a healthy snack or gift. Try our glazed nuts recipe and you won’t be sorry!

7) Face Cream

This natural face cream recipe will keep whoever you give it to glowing year-round. You could make a whole healthy basket with the homemade body butter, deodorant and remineralizing toothpaste.

apple butter

8) No-Sugar Apple Butter

Don’t worry if you’re allergic to milk. Its dairy-free even though it’s called butter. This apple butter recipe also has no white sugar and can be sweetened with xylitol instead. You could make some healthy muffins to go with it.


9) Holiday Marshmallows

Traditional marshmallows have a lot of questionable ingredients but that doesn’t mean your hot cocoa has to go without. This marshmallow recipe is easy to make and a healthier version. You can use mini holiday cookie cutouts to make different marshmallow shapes. Another festive idea is to add gingerbread spice or peppermint at the end of mixing for a fun flavor.

Spread Cheer with Healthier, Homemade Gifts

This holiday season share your love of health and build healthy, holiday traditions. With these healthier, homemade gift recipes you can show your family and friends how much you care. The recipes are printable so you can share them with others. We are all about spreading cheer and health! Keep on making merry!

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn