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Getting healthy has to start somewhere, and sometimes, that means making a more nutritious breakfast or starting a detox regimen. For many people, a convenient and wholesome breakfast or snack on the go is some form of smoothie. Unfortunately, many smoothies you buy at the corner store are full of sugar, unhealthy fats, and inflammatory additives. How can you avoid that problem? By making your own smoothies at home, you can steer clear of the unhealthy pitfalls of the store-bought smoothie. Here are some ideas to help you get started and make your own healthier smoothies.

Make Your Own Healthy Smoothies

Start with Healthy Proteins

A good protein can go a long way to building a healthy body and making you feel full. We really like adding bone broth to our smoothies for the high protein and collagen. It can have immense benefits for the body. There are also plenty of plant protein sources that are awesome adds to your smoothie. Some favorites are hemp protein, chia seeds, nuts, or pea protein. Avoid whey and soy proteins because they’re highly inflammatory foods.

Say No to Ultra-Processed Sugars

You can totally undo all your health intentions with a sugary smoothie. White sugar and other overly processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup have no business in a healthy smoothie. That means you need to watch out for sugars in your non-dairy milks and yogurts. Find unsweetened options. The fruit you put in your smoothie will sweeten it up and if you need a little more sweetness, try stevia, xylitol, honey, or maple syrup.

Skip the Dairy

Milk, yogurt, and whey protein are common additions to smoothies that are also very inflammatory. Milk is designed for growing baby cows, not humans. Dairy can mess with the gut microbiome and exacerbate inflammation. You can easily avoid dairy by choosing a non-dairy protein option and swapping your milk products for almond, cashew, hemp, or one of the many other non-dairy milks that are now on the market. Ideally, skip the soy because it’s a controversial protein that has pros and cons. There are better protein- and milk options out there.Making healthier smoothies

Buy Your Ingredients in Bulk

You can find really good prices on bulk frozen, organic fruits and vegetables at your local warehouse club. You can also find fresh fruits and veggies to freeze. With all your healthy smoothies you will be going through lots of fruits and vegetables! Get a wide variety so you can mix up your smoothie options.

Pre-pack Your Smoothie Ingredients

Make your morning routine go smoother so you don’t fall off the wagon by prepping those smoothies in advance. Did you know a standard mouth mason jar will fit in place of the pitcher on most blenders? These are a game changer for smoothie prep! Divide out your ingredients, add to canning jars, and stack in the freezer to make your smoothie-making process more efficient.

Supercharge with Superfoods

Superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that can pack your smoothie with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients. Some of our favorites are maca, camu camu, spirulina, cacao, aloe, and goji berries.

Experiment and Enjoy

There are so many options for a smoothie that will enhance your health and taste good. If you are experimenting, it’s good to start with ingredients that you like that are also nutritious. Remember to avoid your allergies and have fun with it.

That being said, we have all been on the wrong end of what sounded like the perfect flavor combo, but somehow the recipe went awry. Remember that even if it doesn’t taste ideal, sometimes it’s just about starting the day with a nourishing breakfast versus something unhealthy for your body. Try one of our healthy recipes if you aren’t ready to experiment.

Some of Our Favorite Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Dreamsicle SmoothieOrange milkshake with orange slices

Find yourself dreaming of summer? Try this Dreamsicle Smoothie that will remind you of summer days as a kid playing outside. This recipe incorporates the protein powerhouses of bone broth and hemp hearts.

Berry Yummy Smoothie

This Berry Yummy Smoothie recipe is rich in antioxidants from the berries and healthy fats from the avocado. This healthy recipe also includes the superfood cacao!

Happy Hormone Chunky Monkey Smoothie

If your hormones aren’t happy, you aren’t happy. Your smoothie ingredients can support happy hormones, so choose ingredients like the ones in this Happy Hormone Chunky Monkey Smoothie. This smoothie is loaded with superfoods, including maca and spirulina.

Kava Colada Smoothie

Enjoy a Kava Colada! This nonalcoholic colada will make you feel like you are on island time!  It’s full of yummy organic fruits and kava, one of our favorite herbs that have been used on the islands for thousands of years. In Hawaii, it’s also known as ‘awa.

Shamrock Smoothie

You don’t have to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy this treat! The infamous shamrock shake you drink might destroy your healthy eating plan just to get a taste of minty goodness. You don’t have to do that! Enjoy this Shamrock Smoothie without the guilt. The green comes with iron, protein, and nutrients, thanks to the spirulina!

Enjoy Your Healthy Smoothie

You can be healthy and enjoy it! Once you get in a rhythm of incorporating nutritious smoothies into your diet, it gets even easier! Making your own can help you avoid unhealthy ingredients and often be more cost-effective.


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