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There are 30 grams of sugar in a 5-peep serving of Peeps! That’s over a 1/8 cup. It’s also over double the recommended daily maximum of 12 teaspoons of sugar for a child. There is usually more than one serving in a pack, and we all know there is more than a pack of Peeps in the average Easter Basket. The average basket is loaded with sugar. That’s why parents are looking for healthy kids’ Easter ideas!

Easter The Second Top Sugar Holiday

Easter is the second top sugary holiday of the year with Halloween being the sugariest of holidays. Jellybeans, foiled eggs, gummy bunnies, and chocolate peanut butter eggs mean Easter pulls a strong second. If you look at Peeps alone, Americans will consume 700 million of these sugar-covered marshmallow treats this year. That’s over 15,000 pounds of sugar in just peeps, and they don’t even taste that good. Peep these healthy Easter ideas

Listen up, peeps, this sugary nonsense has to stop. We are the adults, right? 87% of American parents will be helping their children look for Easter Baskets this year. Will your kids find a healthy Easter basket?

But Grandma says everything in moderation. Moderation makes us sick because the body doesn’t know moderation. It just knows, “is this food making me healthy or making me sick?” It’s simple: sugar compromises the immune system. It causes inflammation in our gut while disrupting the flora that is central to our immune system. 80% of the immune system is controlled by our gastrointestinal tracts.

To keep your child healthy, skip the processed sugars because it doesn’t stop at the Easter Basket. The harm continues after the holiday.  Sugar can be more addictive and rewarding than cocaine, which is why many people have a hard time stopping themselves from indulging in high-sugar foods. Peep this sugar article to learn more about the damage it causes.

We didn’t even get started on the artificial colors and flavors that are linked to illness and hyperactivity. It doesn’t have to be an unhealthy sugar basket. Parents can set their kids up with good memories that are also healthy. Peep at these ideas…

6 Healthy Easter Ideas

  1. Dark Chocolate! Dark chocolate is good for everyone if you skip the processing. Not the milk and sugar filled bunny but real, dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is bitter for kids so find some that is sweetened with xylitol or honey that does not cause the inflammation of processed, white sugar.
  2. Xylitol Candy: There are lots of good organic candy options that are sweetened with our favorite sweetener, xylitol. You don’t have to deny your kids just find options that don’t result in illness.
  3. Healthier Recipes: Build memories with your kids by making healthy treats for the holiday together. Making fruit dipped in dark chocolate is an easy project. Get out the bunny cookie cutters and make this cookie recipe.
  4. Prepared Healthy Snacks: Put healthy snacks in the Easter Basket. Nuts, dried fruit, fruit leather and fruit snacks are healthier options. Check the labels to be sure they aren’t artificially sweetened or colored. You will also want to grab organic.
  5. Toys & Fun: Stuff the Easter Eggs with fun! Your Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t have to be about candy. Put something that will last longer than that caramel-filled egg. Stuff your Easter eggs with stickers, temporary tattoos, lip balm, slime, silly putty, Lego mini-figures, Shopkins, bracelets, hair bows, matchbox cars or mini erasers. You get the idea. Fun stuff! And if you can’t think of something fun your kid likes- all kids like money.
  6. Outdoor Easter Themes: Make your Easter Basket themes healthy. This is the time for new life and the start of spring! Make it a basket that celebrates getting outside and getting active. Make a basket of your child’s favorite sport, a gardening basket, a bubbles basket, or a mixture of outdoor fun activities. Add a kite, sidewalk chalk, rubber boots, or a butterfly house you can decorate. Get them excited for getting outside more!

A Healthy Easter is Easy

It’s easier than you think to give your kids a healthy Easter. To be healthy, you can’t fall back on the easy sugary sweets but there are lots of options. Just remember it’s about building memories for a long, healthy life. The healthy life part is a lot easier for your kids if the memories aren’t built on sugary candy. But you know that already! That’s why you were peeping for healthy Easter ideas.


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