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“Hold on a second. I have something in my purse for that,” I hear it regularly around the office. Someone has a rash, or someone is feeling a little out of sorts. There is always something in the bag to help fix it. Whether it’s an essential oil or medicinal mushrooms there is always a fix that comes out of a magical bag. How do all these ladies fit all this in their bags? What I love is it’s all healthy stuff! What’s in a healthy purse?

I don’t have a purse but sometimes I wish I did! The ladies at The Wellness Way have purses of all sizes and they all seem to have just what is needed, just like a bunch of healthy, modern-day Mary Poppins. I asked two of our Wellness Way ladies to show us all what is in their bags. Heather has a smaller bag with some great goodies and Crystal’s bag is busting open with handy items. You are sure to see something you will want to add to your bag.Healthy Purse

Heather and her Healthy and Happy Essentials

Sunglasses- You need to protect your peepers. I always have my sunglasses nearby.

Natural Deodorant- I didn’t know about all the toxic ingredients in deodorant before working here. Now I use Native deodorant. They have a lot of different scents and the travel sizes fit nice in my small purse.

Natural Tampons and Pads- I keep Cora tampons in my bag. Your vagina is super absorbent and these tampons are free from toxic bleaches and chemicals.

Xylitol Suckers- I’m healthy but I still love treats. These xylitol suckers are a great treat that uses xylitol instead of refined sugars.

Lipstick- You never know when someone will be taking your picture around here, so I travel with lipstick. L’bri lipstick is a good natural brand.

Lavender Essential Oil Not only does it smell good, but it helps with bug bites, rashes, calming, and is a bug repellant.

Crystal and Her Ultimate Mary Poppins Bag of Healthy Tricks (A Mom has more in her healthy purse)

doTERRA PB assist JR probiotic powder-I keep a few in my purse in case we forget to take them at home they can take them on the go. Probiotics help keep your gut healthy!

On- Guard beadlets- Helps build the immune system and freshens your breath.

Preserve Toothpicks- These toothpicks are wonderful. They get the stuff out of your teeth and they have tea tree oil to help kill the bacteria in your mouth. They’re minty too!

Silver sprayHelps to slow the harmful bugs before they kick in but its not harmful. This one is a nasal spray for when you have been places where you might be breathing in a few germs.

Medicinal Mushrooms Good to take all the time to boost immunity and helpful to take before you get sick. I take medicinal mushrooms regularly and if I am around someone who is a little under the weather I do a few extra squirts. This spray comes in different flavors like a mint and citrus.

CBD Oil Is a must. I travel with it all the time. CBD Oil is good for so many things especially if the kiddo is coming down with something or we all just need to chill out a bit.

NEO-40 It’s nitric oxide. It helps dilate your blood vessels. If I’m feeling a little brain fog I take one of these and they melt right in your mouth. Its good for circulation and a lot of other things. If you get sick while you travel this is really good.

Xylitol suckersIf someone offers my peanut some candy I do a quick swap for this healthier version.

Jasmine Essential Oil To smell good because everybody wants to smell good.

Lara Bar and an apple- It’s always good to have a snack and it’s important to have healthy snacks. The Lara Bars have 9 or fewer ingredients. All of the ingredients are ones I recognize and can pronounce so I feel confident about them.

Natural Deodorant– It’s nice to have on hand because with natural deodorant you have to freshen up sometimes. Everybody wants to smell good.

Albizia- This is a MUST for anyone’s bag. One of The Wellness Way’s most used liquid herbs helps with inflammation and with allergies. I have a son who has an egg allergy so if we are at a restaurant and he gets exposed because of cross contamination I give him a bit of Albizia. (we don’t sell this online but patients can find it at their local Wellness Way.)

Well-zymes Another great thing that helps you digest food especially when you are eating out and aren’t cooking your own healthy foods.

Essential Oils – Its like my traveling medicine kit with melaleuca, doTerra’s On-Guard, and others. There is an essential oil for everything.

Salt We are all about salt at The Wellness Way. We love to be salty and because of the many benefits, I always add it to my food. The good salt not the refined stuff you find in most salt shakers. If I don’t have my salt I feel a little crazy!

Healthy Bags for Healthy Ladies

You can learn a lot about a lady by what is in her bag and you can also learn some new things you will want to put in your bag. I love seeing all the healthy products that mean their healthy lifestyle is going with them wherever they go. What upgrades can you add to make your bag healthier?

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

Check out the video where Heather and Crystal show us what’s in their bags!

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  • Rita L Weigel says:

    Thanks Ladies this tells us the real story. I have been using a purse-basket for years!!! They all come to me at work!

  • Sarah Detweiler says:

    I absolutely love what you guys had in your bag!! James always makes fun of all the things my sisters and I take with us when we leave the house- kinda like we take the whole kitchen and medicine cabinet along, but it simply feels good to be prepared for whatever comes along. Now there’s even more I see I need to drop in… thanks for sharing!!!

    • The Wellness Way says:

      We knew there more prepared ladies out there! And now you can add more to your bag!