Just because something is common does not mean it’s normal. Being sick is all too common. We see how common it is in the health stats. More than half of Americans regularly take a prescription medication. For those who regularly take medication, they take an average of 4. That’s their normal. Sick is not normal, but the health statistics say we need to expand our approach to health. Just take a look at some of these statistics.

  • Approximately 38.4% of people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, according to the American Cancer Society. (1)
  • 1 in every 4 deaths will be from heart disease, according to the CDC. (2)
  • 70% of adults over 20 are overweight or obese, according to the CDC. (3)
  • The CDC also says that 6 in 10 Americans are suffering from chronic disease (4)
  • 1 in 5 Americans is suffering from an autoimmune disease, according to the AARDA (5)

The Statistics Make Sickness Seem Common BUT Don’t Mistake that for Normal

If you look at those statistics alone, you might think that illness was the norm. I disagree. That takes the control away from the individual because if getting sick is normal, then there is nothing you can do about it. You just go to the doctor to see if you’re sick. Basically, you wait around to see what life gives you in the illness lottery. That sounds depressing, doesn’t it?

Now, I’m not saying that we don’t need doctors who can remove a tumor or who can save your life when you have a heart attack. We very much need those doctors. Those doctors save lives and are the reason we are living longer. We also need doctors who have an expanded look at health. Ones who will help you on your journey to health. Why? We have lost track of focusing on supporting natural function of the body.

People think sick is normal, and have forgotten that actually the body is designed to be healthy. So they focus more on treating symptoms than looking at the causes of disease. We worry more about testing to find disease rather than testing to find ways to support the body. If we think being sick is normal, we don’t support our bodies the way we should because it’s not in our hands. We eat foods we shouldn’t, don’t give our bodies time to heal, and we don’t address the underlying triggers that can lead to chronic disease.

It’s time to support the body with care that complements our current health care system. You are in charge of supporting your body.

What Does it Mean to Support Your Body?

We Say it ALL the Time- Get Tested!

Many people haven’t been tested properly to see how their body is functioning, and if they have it is very incomplete. If they have been tested it is to look for abnormalities, but your tests can be within what is medically “normal” range when your body isn’t functioning optimally. Proper testing can reveal valuable insights into your health that could help get your body functioning optimally and better address a variety of conditions. Make sure you are seeing a proficient provider.

Regular Chiropractic for the Whole Family

Yes, for the whole family including baby. When you are have a headache, backache, feeling sick, and feeling healthy. The alignment of the spine affects the nervous system in a direct and undeniable way, which impacts every nerve and function of the body. From mood and immunity to migraines and organ function. It’s important to make regular chiropractic treatments a part of your life.

Balance Your Hormones

Our hormones make up who we are and if they are off then we are off. Many people have been told incorrect or misleading information about hormone. Testosterone isn’t supposed to decline as you get older like many people believe. Many women believe they have had their hormones tested but they haven’t had them tested completely. Many don’t even know that estrogen is an umbrella term for 10 hormones.

Hormone imbalance can be a contributing factor to a number of common health conditions and if not restored can lead to serious illness. A lot of factors can lead to imbalanced hormones like toxins, birth control, stress, foods, and more. It’s important to get hormones tested by a proficient provider who truly understands the role hormones play.

Nutrition for Your Unique Body

Nutrition can literally be the difference between enjoying a full life or living with pain, disease and just coping. Many people are eating toxic, processed foods that are horrible for their body, and some people think they are doing the right thing by eating what they think is a “healthy” diet.

We get bombarded with diets and fads of what is best for a healthy body or weight loss. What most of them don’t take into consideration is that we are all individuals with different nutrition needs. Kale might be great food for many people, but you might be allergic to it. Testing will look at your allergies and overall function of the body to help determine what your individual body needs to be healthy.

Detoxification to Support the Body

We come into contact with so many toxins even if we are careful. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and many of the products we use. The body was built to detoxify but we come into contact with so many toxins over time it can overwhelm the body. This can slow down the body’s ability to detoxify. A good detox that is customized for your body can aid the body in removing toxins and restoring the body’s normal functions.

Reducing Stress is Important

Stress is one of the most common contributing factors to illness I see clinically, and can be one of the most difficult for many of my patients to remove. Even when I show them how high their stress hormones are on their labs. Reducing stress is one of the most important things to do to support your body because stress can wreak havoc on your hormones and your health. Need help with ideas for reducing stress? Check out this article and ask for help from those in your life.

Sick is Not Normal: Supporting Your Body Should be More Common

Your health is more in your hands than the current system leads you to believe. That’s why we see rising rates of illness in our country instead of rates that are going down. That needs to change. That is why I and others across the country are saying, “I disagree.”  Being sick is not normal. You don’t have to wait around to see if you will get sick or suffer unnecessarily with symptoms of a body that needs support. It’s time to start supporting your body now. Let’s make supporting your body common and normal.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

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