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I Disagree

How These Two Words are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health

Everybody has a story—it’s a unifying factor that we can all relate to and learn from. When it comes to health, that story can be tragic or transformational (and sometimes both.)

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Ebook - $4.99Paperback - $19.95

Praise for I Disagree

Life changing information for your entire family! This is the most significant and powerful information to revolutionize your health and unlock the things that are making you sick, or keeping you from feeling your best. Do your whole family a huge blessing and read this book! It’s the best way to approach healthcare that I’ve ever come across.

C. Riley

If you are looking for a book that thinks outside the box of healthcare this is it!


Thank you so much, Dr. Flynn, this book is a life changer! I’m so grateful that my doctor is in The Wellness Way group and have experienced the amazing changes you talk about in this book first hand! Your philosophy is so real and realistic! I have bought 10 copies so that I can share the love you poured into this book and your way of thinking!

Molly B.

I’m a Doctor and a mom and can say this was an incredible book. An easy read and with steps I feel confident me and my family can take to better our health and our lives.

Sheri L.

You Are Not Alone

Chronic conditions are at an all-time high. Despite medical advancements, we are sicker than ever. Something needs to change!

Has a medical professional ever told you:

  • Nothing can be done.
  • It’s all in your head.
  • Just take this and you’ll be fine.
  • All of the Above?
doc's family

Dr. Patrick Flynn

Heavily inspired by his wife and her journey through medicine, Dr. Flynn developed his unique approach and mode of thought. In these pages, Dr. Flynn shares their story and the resulting mindset that is impacting the health and lives of countless people. The “I Disagree” way of thinking understands that just because something is common, does not mean it’s normal. Through his work, Dr. Flynn and The Wellness Way clinics are changing lives, restoring hope, and getting results. By the time you finish reading, he hopes you find the strength to disagree too. It’s time to embrace your life and take control of your health!

It’s Time to Disagree

What you’ll find in this book is a story that is changing lives across the country and empowering people to think differently. Thinking differently is where perspectives are transformed, improvements are made, and changes take place. And from Dr. Patrick Flynn’s experience with thousands of patients, these changes are for the better.

Ebook - $4.99Paperback - $19.95