Recently, I was interviewed by a local television station for a story that discussed a Wisconsin bill that would remove the personal conviction exemption that allows parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children. (1) I am very passionate about personal choice, so I agreed to the interview. This story is about parental rights, but I wanted to share the facts around vaccines to support them and their choice. I was disappointed that they decided to share my personal opinion versus the fact-based information that I gave them.

They asked me what my personal thoughts were and that’s why I said my personal opinion is they are useless. For a fair and balanced approach, they just showed the portion of the interview where I talked about my personal and not where I discussed the physiology. After a ten-minute interview they shared my personal opinion instead of how the body actually works. They could have shared one of these 4 truths we talked about and the public would have been more informed on why it’s important to have personal choice.

How the Immune System Works

Scientifically, I gave him a basic understanding of cellular vs. antibody mediated immune system response.  When someone sneezes on us, we come in contact with a virus through our immune system’s primary mucosal linings of eyes, nose and on skin. Because it comes in contact with it first then it starts mediating a response from the body to produce a cellular response to destroy it. That process creates antibodies and because of the illness we build a lifelong immunity. But that only happens because it goes through the entire chain of events.

On the other hand, if we go through it with a vaccination, it bypasses the primary immune system. Now, we are relying on the immune system to bump into these things to create antibodies…and it’s supposed to create this life-long immunity. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But more and more we are getting these messages from people that are getting titers done that can actually measure if you still have antibodies  and immunity to these bugs, and more often they don’t have these anymore. You are even seeing this in the news where doctors are saying vaccinated adults need more shots. Like in this story. (2)

How Vaccine Companies Lie and Aren’t Held Liable

Merck, the maker of the MMR Vaccine, had two scientists who admitted they committed fraud about the efficacy of the vaccines, and nobody is talking about that. You can see the details of the court case in this document that is often referenced by Dr. Dale Brown, The Wild Doc. (3) If they have lied about the efficacy, what else have they lied about in their studies?

Vaccine companies cannot be held liable if their vaccine harms someone. If you go to a restaurant and spill hot coffee on yourself then you can sue, but not if harmed by a vaccine. Why is that? There is a fund that has been set up that has paid over 4 billion dollars for vaccine injuries, while at the same time has a reputation for being a very difficult process. (4) That means many parents who have injured children don’t go through the process and don’t get compensated. That leaves me wondering what the true number would be.

Herd immunity Is Not Gained Through Vaccines

Herd immunity is something that happens when a group of people have a natural immunity to an illness. Vaccines are not effective at creating herd immunity. To see that we just have to look at what happened on the navy ship. A naval ship is currently quarantined at sea because their fully vaccinated crew has an outbreak of mumps. If the vaccine worked, they would not have an outbreak. You can learn more about that and how Merck lied about the efficacy of the mumps vaccine in our recent article from Dr. Dale Brown, The Wild Doc. (5)

The Ingredients and Contraindications Can be Dangerous

What are the ingredients? What are the contraindications? Because if you don’t know those two things, you could be administering something the person is allergic to. (6) They don’t test them for allergies first. People are getting sick and some are dying from the shot, not from the measles. Don’t get me started talking about the HPV vaccine. This is another reason why it is important to leave personal choice in the hands of parents. Parents and children have to deal with consequences if their body isn’t ready to handle all the ingredients. I work with these patients daily and see the harm that vaccines cause the body.

Let’s Get Real Information Out There

There is nothing more emotional than vaccines and politics. If you talk about vaccines people get very emotional, so that is why I wanted to share the fact-based ideas over my personal opinion. Interviews like these that get chopped in editing leave me wondering if fair and balanced coverage is possible. Both Dr. Patrick and I invite local experts and any others to have an unedited, live debate with us. Then we will get fact-based information out there. Parents can learn more about their rights in this article.

We are pro-choice when it comes to health care. We choose to not vaccinate. We have done our research and know the risks, so we choose not to vaccinate based on what we know. When it comes to removing the personal conviction it’s important to allow families to make their own decisions. When it comes down to it, it’s not personal, It’s fact-based.

Written by Dr. Jason Nobles

Dr. Jason talks about what should have happened in this video: