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If you ask 100 people to define health, you’d likely come up with 150 different answers. How could something that ranks in the top three New Year’s resolutions and personal development goals be so hard to define? With a destination as elusive as “health,” where do you begin?

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Defining Health

Many people believe they are healthy. But how do you know for sure? First, we need to define health. Simply put, health is function. Is your body functioning properly? We’re not just talking range of motion, digestion, or any single system. Your body operates like a Swiss watch. If one gear is out of sync, no matter how small, function is off. Below, we’ve compiled some resources to kickstart your investigation of health.

Reduce Inflammation

The root cause of all disease is inflammation. Inflammation tends to get a bad rap, but in reality, it’s the immune system’s response and signal that something is off. It’s not generally the problem; it’s the sign that there is a problem. The challenge is when we don’t support the body in that response to help aid in restoring health. How do you do that? The bigger question is, what triggered the body in the first place? Learn more about inflammation on your Journey to Health.

Nutrition Is Medicine

The idea of breaking bread is one of community and cultural significance. We connect, we swap recipes, and we pay homage to the food that binds us together and represents the fusion of traditions, past and present. The food for our soul is also the nutrition that satiates our bodies. The way we fuel our bodies maximizes performance and provides clarity of thought and overall well-being. Nutrition is medicine.


Discover expertise on a wide array of topics written by authors who truly understand your health struggles. Find new ways to do health differently with valuable medical insight, timely tips, and family fun.

Road to Recovery

Whatever your condition, you’re not alone. Are you working through fatigue? Infertility? A desire to lose weight? The Wellness Way offers various services to restore your health. Check out some of our resources below.

Healthy Kids Medicine Cabinet

Fevers, sore throat, tummy aches and more. Check out the Healthy Kids Medicine Cabinet! This is a collection of videos exploring how to keep your kids healthy.

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Find the Missing Piece to Your Health

You are not alone on your personal journey to overcoming health challenges. The answers to a better future are inside of you and we can help reveal them. By finding the missing piece to your overall health, you can discover a renewed sense of hope, purpose, and understanding of your body — helping you live the life you’ve always dreamed of.



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