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“Doc, my husband sits on the couch a lot more lately but overall he’s a healthy guy,” says a woman in the office to take care of her hormonal health. My response? Oh, no he’s not! You know what her other complaint was? He wasn’t interested in sex. Does that sound healthy to you? It sounds like he has low testosterone to me. Ladies, if your husband isn’t chasing you around every day, it’s a sign he’s sick. Before that happens, you may notice he loses his spark to get stuff done. This guy is not alone. 4 out of 10 men experience hypogonadism, which is low testosterone. Despite what the medical community has told you, low testosterone is not a natural part of aging. Remember, common is not normal.

This woman was sitting in my office because her hormones were off, but she didn’t notice the signs that there was something wrong with her husband’s main hormone. When women have symptoms of imbalanced hormones they know what’s causing it. They might think there is nothing they can do about it, but they know what is to blame. When a man’s main hormone is off there are mental factors that many will just brush off.

Most men don’t get their testosterone tested until they are older and experiencing physical symptoms. The majority of testosterone is produced in the testicles for men and it stimulates male characteristics.  It can impact a man’s health impacting sperm production, bone mass, muscle mass, sex drive, energy, facial hair, self-confidence and more. Low testosterone can lead to major health problems including cancer. We want it to be good levels.

Low Testosterone Sign That is Missed

What people don’t know is most men will experience more mental problems before the physical problems manifest. Let me say that again… men will go through more mental changes than physical changes when their testosterone comes down. So, when you see your man getting lazy and demotivated it’s an early sign something is going wrong.

How is it going wrong? In rare cases it can be a tumor but the majority of the time it is because of unhealthy habits. If a young man has unhealthy habits as he ages his testosterone will go down. It’s not because he’s aging! It’s because of his unhealthy habits, like all the sugar he’s eating.

You need to get your man tested. Low testosterone is not normal. Just like PMS is not normal, menopause is not normal, endometriosis is not normal, or any of the other hormonal conditions that we relate to women. It’s one of my most popular quotes for a reason… common is not normal. Women and men need to take care of their hormonal balance. Men and women are different, so their hormones are different but whether it’s a man or a woman, if their hormones are off they will both end up very sick.

Range of Testosterone Levels

There is a wide range of testosterone that is accepted as normal it can vary from 250- 1100. I even saw one young man who had a 0-testosterone level. I had to call the lab to make sure it was right. They ran it twice. This poor young man was depressed and wasn’t interested in sex so his wife felt like she had a roommate and not a husband. Who wants a roommate? Especially, a depressed, demotivated one. A man’s testosterone levels have nothing to do with age. That young man was put on antidepressants and nobody ever checked his testosterone levels. I have seen young men with low testosterone levels and men my age and older with very high testosterone levels.

We blow it off as aging but is a real sign of testosterone levels that are going down. Just because as men age and they continue to be unhealthy as they age does not mean its normal for their testosterone to go down. Clinically, all of our clinics could show you men in their 80’s who have high testosterone. Testosterone levels are independent of age. Ask my wife. You can ask a healthy male. Ask a woman who has a healthy male. You know what they say about the healthy male? That boy is always going.

That range is wide, but you want to see good, high testosterone levels. In my opinion it shouldn’t go below 500. Man, if you’re pushing below 500 you are going to have one demotivated boy. One of the major things ladies is if your boy is starting to get lazy. It’s not because of feelings. If he has high testosterone he is going to be on the move because your testosterone doesn’t give a crap about what you think.

Testosterone Makes a Man

Trust me, testosterone will make the body do things. Don’t believe me? Look under the covers in the morning. If your boy has high testosterone you will see evidence of the testosterone salute. Testosterone goes up in the morning and fluctuates throughout the day. Testosterone is highest in the morning. Morning erections exist regardless of how a man feels. His normal physiology will make him get an erection in the morning. Why? As those testosterone levels come up… so does he. Something stands at attention. Its independent of how he feels. So that’s why when he gets demotivated- get that man’s hormones checked.

Ladies, you are attracted to a strong, motivated man. You don’t like this wimpy, demotivated man. That’s why testosterone is so important to a man. This aggressive hormone makes us who we are. This is how biochemistry works. You want a feminized man? Let his testosterone come down. But you don’t want that. That’s not a healthy man. When you see him becoming demotivated, it’s time to make some changes.

What to Do Now:

  • Get hormones tested completely
  • Find a doc that thinks like this
  • Avoid sugar
  • Try fasting
  • Get a cholesterol panel done
  • Don’t listen to current medical advice, it’s making people sick

Testosterone dictates a man’s life just like estrogen dictates a woman’s wife. Don’t get mad at your man if he is getting lazy and demotivated. Run from a doctor that tells you testosterone goes down as a man gets older. When you get him properly tested by a qualified practitioner, they can get to the root of what is causing his low testosterone.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

To learn more about testosterone along with its production and conversion check out Dr. Patrick’s Quick Tip:


  • Harris Montanye says:

    When you say avoid sugar, what does that mean specifically? Avoid just cane sugar or avoid honey, fruit, dried fruit, etc. what about sugars naturally occurring in vegetables?

    Many thanks!

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Hi Harris! Thank you for your question. Primarily avoid direct sugar intake from sweets, minimal on items such as fruit, honey etc. Vegetables have very little sugar but the main emphasis needs to be on direct sugar intake. Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy, it’s the sugar that is, specifically simple or high glycemic carbs. We encourage everyone to get tested to know their specific needs.