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It’s no secret that our primary audience is women aged 25-65. While that may be the case, we’ve been able to help all member of the family, no matter the age, male or female. Women are typically the ones in the home who take leadership on ensuring everyone is getting the healthcare they need.

Men are typically the last in the family to seek healthcare, however there are plenty of reasons they should! Until it gets bad enough, or the people in their lives encourage them too, it’s common for men to face health challenges silently or simply ignore them. While it’s common, it’s definitely not normal! We’ll be kicking off our men’s series to discuss some of the common issues men face and what brings them into The Wellness Way.


Because we are at our roots, a chiropractic clinic, most of the men we see come into a clinic for a pain related issue to begin with. Whether it’s from an injury or due to lifestyle, pain is often a motivator to get into a chiropractor’s office. Once someone has had enough experience with us, they quickly realize that we do much, much more than chiropractic care. And we’re nothing like any doctor they’ve ever been to before. We help them restore their health and guide them to understand their health like they haven’t before.

GI Issues

Men often have a reputation for passing gas, from one end or the other. While this may be common, it’s certainly not normal and can be a sign that something else is going on. Does he have a beer belly, without much beer consumption? What might be the cause? Is he frequently popping antiacids? What about stinky or uncontrollable gas? What about bowel movements? Let’s be honest, guys can be notorious for what may seem disgusting to most women. However, these bodily functions, or dysfunctions, are signs the body is sending to signal it’s fallen out of homeostasis and needs some support. Most people would agree the above symptoms are an indicator that there is something going on in the gut. The question is, what triggered the dysfunction, and what other illnesses and symptoms are a result of that?

It’s true that the disruption of digestion can set off a cascade of issues. The digestive system is a series of organs and functions that supports the body through proper vitamin and nutrient extraction and absorption for other systems and organs. When these systems and organs aren’t getting the fuel they need, there will be other health concerns as well. When you consider the body through the lens of the Swiss watch philosophy, you can easily see how disruption in digestion can cause a hiccup to other systems.


Low testosterone is the root of many conditions as well as the result of many more than its given credit for.  Four out of 10 men experience hypogonadism, otherwise known as low testosterone. It can impact a man’s health, sperm production, bone mass, muscle mass, sex drive, energy, facial hair, self-confidence and more. Men are often told that testosterone declines as a man ages. However, that certainly does not need to be the case. Often that’s due to other conditions or other factors that don’t appear to be related until you start looking at that Swiss watch again.

Let’s consider one of the number one drugs prescribed to men, statins for cholesterol can have devastating effects on several organs and systems within the body, but one for sure, is lowering testosterone. One study went as far as to say:

“Current statin therapy is associated with a twofold increased prevalence of hypogonadism,” a condition in which men don’t produce enough testosterone.”

Testosterone is the hormone that makes men who they are. For an enlightening round table discussion with four of The Wellness Way guys, watch this episode of A Different Perspective.  Testosterone may give guys that confident edge, but it also does so much more. Without it, men’s risk of other health challenges increases.


Low testosterone has been shown to have an effect on mental health. One study indicates there appears to be an increase in depression in older men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone. However, when we look at those statistics for statins above, we can follow the train. Men around age 40 or 50 get a prescription for cholesterol, often at an annual checkup, low testosterone follows, and soon after, depression. This study goes on to show that men who receive a testosterone supplement often have an improvement in depression symptoms.

It’s not just older men who should be concerned about testosterone levels and mental health. One study showed the correlation between video games and lower testosterone and higher cortisol levels in young men in some situations. Considering the dramatic rise in teen depression and mental illness, this is definitely something that should warrant caution and more consideration.


The Standard American Diet (SAD) is truly sad.  When you consider the sugars and starches people consume, it’s no wonder weight increases. The blood sugar that’s driven up by the typical diet causes weight gain. Fat is a poerful producer of estrogens. Now take a look at that beer belly again. Statins? Low motivation or depression? Likely also low testosterone, because due to the hormone pathway, that testosterone is now converting into estrogens. That’s a sure way to make a man sick. Learn what Dr. Patrick thinks about fasting and men’s health in this video.

Sexual Concerns

There are certain topics men just don’t want to discuss because they feel it emasculates them. Yet, they can devastate relationships if they don’t.


We’ve seen so many women in our clinics for infertility concerns. Check out our YouTube channel and A Different Perspective for numerous stories and educational videos. While women come in gladly to figure out what may be preventing them from having the baby they so desire, men often need a bit of coaxing.

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sexual Drive

Nearly every man’s nightmare. There could be several reasons why this could be happening, from low testosterone to a neurological interference, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and the list goes on. Do you see the Swiss watch here again?

Other concerns

We could go on and on. We’ve touched on a few others here from heart disease, diabetes, and numerous others. The good news is that with our Swiss watch philosophy, we can help you find the dysfunction that is causing so many symptoms and dis-ease. Whatever reason it is that gets a man into The Wellness Way, often it leads down the path to health restoration in ways they couldn’t imagine before they walked through the door. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter as we dive deeper into some of these topics in the coming weeks. To learn more and start the Wellness Way journey for your entire family. With individualized healthcare plans, we can help your whole family. After all, we do health differently!


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