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Vodka and Gin

Rain Organic Vodka- This vodka is made from organic Kentucky corn and distilled several times. The filtration process includes activated charcoal and diamond dust. That is serious filtration!

Prairie Organic Vodka and Gin- This Minnesota vodka is also made from organic corn and is gluten free. They also offer a gin! This vodka is distilled to taste, and they don’t compromise to keep it free of chemicals, GMO’s and gluten. Their farmers prepare the field for 3 years before growing the corn and have a buffer crop around their fields to keep the corn crops safe from neighboring pesticides. Bats and birds control the pests instead of pesticides and natural prairie fires eliminate weeds.

Schramm Organic Vodka- This organic vodka is a potato vodka coming from the Coast Mountains of Canada. This vodka is produced in small batches. They use a natural fermentation process that does not use chemicals, synthetic anti-foaming agents, or additives.

Art of the Still Vodka and Gin– Trader Joe’s Organic Gin and Vodka is affordable and organic. These organic options are made from corn from the heartland. The Minnesota farmers rely on bats and birds to control pests and natural prairie fires to eliminate weeds. This sounds a lot like Prairie Organic Vodka and Gin. Wonder if it is Prairie Organic Vodka packaged for Trader Joe’s?

Tito’s Vodka This is another great option. While it isn’t organic, it is Certified Kosher and cleaner than many other liquor options. Because you can find this one widely available and affordable it made our list.

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Tres Agaves- This company offers ready-made mixes in 4 different flavors all sweetened with agave nectar and USDA organic. Just add your favorite clean liquor to their Bloody Mary Mix or Margarita Mix.

Fever Tree Ginger Beer, Lemonade and Tonic Waters- This company travels the world to bring you amazing ingredients. You can find options that are made with fruit sugar rather than cane sugar to make your drink a little healthier.

Make Your Own- You can make your own simple syrup using honey and water. Infuse your water with fruits or essential oils. Get creative and make your own version of a healthy drink sweetening with maple syrup, xylitol, or honey.

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Lakefront Brewery- America’s first gluten-free beer is also organic!  It’s made without wheat or barley. Ingredients include sorghum, rice, hops, water and gluten-free yeast. Each batch gets tested for gluten before it’s bottled! This organic option is a great choice.

Brunehaut- This import hails from Belgium and the Brunhaut Amber won a gold medal at the 2011 US Open Beer Championships. Not all their beers are gluten-free, but they have several that are gluten-free plus organic and vegan. These beers are brewed with gluten and then de-glutenized so be cautious if you have an allergy.

Hard Ciders- These are a favorite around here and an easy gluten-free option. If you are in an area that offers one, like Sonoma Cider or Samuel Smith’s, scoop it up.

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Frey Organic Wine- This vegan, biodynamic winery is also America’s first organic winery. They offer a wide variety of wines with over 20 options. This California Winery bring you affordable and tasty wines with no added sulfites. They are also dedicated to being good stewards of their land.

Girasole Organic Wine- Another vegan friendly wine that has been using organic practices for 60 years and certified for the past 20. The winemaker follows strict CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) guidelines throughout the winemaking process.

Badger Mountain Organic Wine- You can luck out and sometimes find this organic wine at Costco for a good price. This vineyard in the state of Washington offers a variety of organic wines for Cabernet to Riesling lovers.


Emerald Forest Xylitol


NOOMA Organic Electrolyte Sports Drin


Bada Bing

Tillen Farms Cherry Bada Bing

Merry Marachino

Tillen Farms Merry Maraschino Cherries

Digestive Bitters Variety Pack

Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters Variety Pack

Digestive Bitters Original

Urban Moonshine Original Digestive Bitters

Digestive Bitters Citrus

Urban Moonshine Citrus Digestive Bitter