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At A Glance:

  • FDA advisory panel does not endorse boosters for all Americans.
  • Israel preparing for 4th doses of Pfizer vaccine.
  • Johnson and Johnson releases statement regarding their booster.
  • Waning antibodies are indicating the wrong immune markers for protection.

Last week Pfizer was dealt a blow as the FDA denied broad recommendation for its boosters with an overwhelming 16-2 vote. The advisory committee granted approval for the elderly aged 65 and over and those with compromised immune systems and other high-risk individuals. In testimony before the board, the data was argued as insufficient from Pfizer BioNTech.1

“In particular, there is a lack of data on effectiveness and duration,” Dr. Michael Carome, director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, said at the meeting Friday. “Current evidence does not appear to show a need for boosting.”2

The FDA advisory committee stated there was not enough data to support the need for boosters across the board for all Americans who had received the first does of vaccines.2 This week the CDC will meet to decide whether or not they’ll take that input from the advisory board or make a different recommendation.

Boosted Political Influence and Discord

Just a few weeks ago, Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Reviews, and her deputy director, Phil Krause, announced they’d step down. The announcement came shortly after Joe Biden’s announcement that he’d like to have boosters for all Americans available this week of September 20th. Sources had stated the resignations were because of frustration stemming from the recommendation without the review of data to support it.

The FDA isn’t the only one withholding its approval of boosters. The director-general of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has asked for a break from boosters so that poorer nations could have access to first doses of vaccines before wealthier countries offered boosters to their populations.4

Boosters in Israel

At the beginning of September, the coronavirus czar of Israel, Salman Zarka, urged the nation to begin preparing for the fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine. The campaign for the third doses began August 1 in the 60 and over population. The Health Ministry also noted that an individual’s “Green Pass,” Israel’s vaccine passport, will expire six months after their second or third dose.5

Zarka stated in an interview:

“This is our life from now on, in waves,” he said.

“And thinking about this and the waning of the vaccines and the antibodies, it seems every few months — it could be once a year or five or six months — we’ll need another shot.”5

Johnson and Johnson Booster Press Release

Johnson and Johnson released a statement on Tuesday of their single dose vaccine’s booster trial.

Median follow-up time in the ENSEMBLE 2 study was 36 days since second vaccination, with 29 percent of participants having at least two months of follow-up after receipt of their second dose.

The vaccine, when given as a second dose or booster, remained generally well-tolerated.

Full data will be submitted for publication in the coming months.6

What are Pfizer’s Plans?

July 28, Pfizer held their Second Quarter 2021 Earnings Teleconference. During that teleconference, they stated the first batch of the Delta variant vaccine has been manufactured and clinical studies were to begin in August with approval from regulatory agencies.3

In the second quarter, Pfizer showed an 86% increase in revenues. A slide from the presentation indicates:

We Remain Committed to Delivering Attractive Shareholder Returns in 2021 and Beyond.3

Hold the Phone — Doc’s Thoughts:

Here we go, the booster shot merry-go-round. Do you see how they are preparing the public mentally for a booster at least annually, if not more frequently? We talked about this two-and-a-half months ago when the CDC said there wasn’t enough data to support boosters. It will be interesting to see what comes from their meeting later this week.

People mark their calendars for the annual flu vaccine. The statistics on how ineffective that vaccine campaign is should serve as a huge red flag for us. With as quickly as we are hearing about variants, how do they think they can get a vaccine that would target a specific strain effectively? Did you read Pfizer’s statement? They were hoping for the clinical trials to begin in August. At the time of publication, we were unable to locate the clinical trial. So, when are they going to actually release a delta-specific vaccine? When we are five strains down the line?

With all the bickering going on between The White House, the CDC, the FDA, and the WHO, I think it’s clear that nobody really agrees the science is clear. What does seem clear is that there are political games at play.

I’m curious to know what the side effects are of multiple doses these shots that are still in clinical trials for years is. In reference to Pfizer’s booster, we’ve been told they are “similar to second dose.”7

The study also tracked adverse events among 306 booster recipients, 44 of whom developed at least one unexpected side effect. The most common adverse event, swelling of the lymph nodes, appeared in 16 of the participants.7

What? Three hundred whole people? That’s how many were studied?! That certainly doesn’t seem like a very large study for the sweeping campaign Joe Biden was hoping for. Are those similar effects anything like what’s been reported to VAERS? They did mention that it affected young people more so. Like the myocarditis we’ve seen in young people?

Johnson and Johnson had a mean follow-up time of 36 days with only 29 percent at two months?! What kind of follow-up is that? We certainly don’t have long-term data. “Generally well tolerated,” what does that mean scientifically or clinically? Full data will be submitted in coming months. These statements feel more like science by press release than by review of data! The appeal to the public coupled with the fear they are putting into people is going to only increase the demand from the public who believe they have the full story!

Take Your Health into Your Own Hands

Instead of allowing lifetime, career, unelected people on the merry-go-round of boards for these drug manufacturers and public health offices, we need to take responsibility for our own health and immune response. You have a natural, innate immunity. Your body knows what to do when it is supported and healthy. Do people get really sick from COVID? Yes. Are there millions of recovered? Absolutely! Can you stack your odds to be a recovered individual versus a victim? Without a doubt. How? Be informed.

First, antibodies waning is natural and a good thing. You don’t want high antibodies circulating long term! Think of your immune system in terms of the U.S. military. We have intelligence agencies as informants, active duty ready to be deployed, and reservists. Your immune response does its thing and builds antibodies, sending the signal to wage a war and telling your body who to attack. It calls on the active, on-duty soldiers to take care of business. It’s what your body is doing or has done recently. Once those antibodies wane, it does not mean you aren’t protected anymore. It means your soldiers aren’t revved and in hot pursuit. Thank goodness! Can you imagine being at war full-time? That is not healthy for your body. It may take a bit of time for those antibodies to be reabsorbed. How long will depend on each person’s body and how recently they’ve come into contact with the antigen.

Your body has T-cells and B-cells as the actual soldiers and reservists. They are prepared but go on with life until needed. Once they are called up due to an urgent need, they are ready. They recognize the enemy and how to defeat it. You are not left unprepared.

Get the Intel

When you rely on an artificially stimulated immune response, you are sending mixed signals as to who to fight and how to win the war.  When the vaccine tries to “inform” your body as to what to do, it won’t recognize the entire virus. It was designed with one protein to detect. Why would you just want to recognize one enemy agent who may no longer be in the war? Natural immunity helps your body to be prepared for the variants that it will come into contact with, because there will be more! You cannot override your innate immune system, stimulate just the antibodies and ignore the rest of the system, and believe you are going to launch a successful attack.

So, all this talk about antibodies waning, that’s driving the narrative. Of course! They should! Why are we trying to keep these immune systems in a war-time scenario looking for who to tag as an enemy and not having the proper cells primed to fight as needed? Do you know what that’s called? An autoimmune response.

How do you know where your body stands? We can help. At The Wellness Way we use state-of-the-art and cutting-edge diagnostics to test your immune response.

I had my labs  and my wife’s done to be aware of how well our bodies are able to respond if it needs to:

Lab results indicating a positive result for COVID antibodies

1st page of Lab results indicating a postive result for T-cell activity for Covid

2nd page of Lab results indicating a postive result for T-cell activity for Covid

We can help you to know where you stand and how to support your body. Don’t leave your health to the politicians and those nicely compensated to urge you to take a vaccine. You have the ability to make your own healthcare decisions. We can help. Contact a clinic to get your immune response assessed.









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